5W Public RelationsThe end of 2010 marks exactly 8 full years of the history of 5W Public Relations, one which today sees us as one of the 15 largest PR firms in the US. It remains amazing to me, and much like seeing a child grow up in many ways.

In fact, at the end of this year, I reread what I wrote during the holiday season of 2009, and I feel much the same way.

Once again I can say, verbatim as last year: “As someone who thrives when busy, the last 10 days of December are trying. Many are very complacent during the holiday season and it bothers me tremendously. Rightfully, clients still demand work product, and bills still need to be paid, so we as a PR agency continue to put our best foot forward even during the slower months. We continually realize that urgency is the key to our success and we are far from complacent. We are hungry for it and want to win. During this time period, I make an extra effort to do the little things: go to the gym every single day, thank our clients for their devotion, and our employees for their hard work.”

In retrospect, I appreciate every day and thank our great staff, and our clients.2010 for our firm was a good year – better financially than 2009, and one in which we did great work, had very minimal staff turnover, hired some great PR superstars and won some great clients.

A few highlights and times we relish:

  • All great things begin with the amazing 5WPR team.  Every day they do hard work and are the highlight of everything for all members of our PR firm.
  • On a personal note, I was thrilled to be selected as a Semi-Finalist for the 2010 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the New York region.
  • Our client appeared on Oprah’s 25th annual Favorite Things episode. We placed Philip Stein Watches on the Oprah Show (the 3rd time in 3 years). It was even more joyous because they are such a great client – Good smart people whom we really appreciate and value and in whose success we are vested.
  • Our client Apra International was presented with the prestigious 2010 WWD Beauty Biz Award for “Best Executed Launch Strategy” in the Mass Fragrance category. We created and executed the launch strategy, marketing and PR efforts.
  • We moved into prestigious new headquarters at 888 7th Avenue in midtown
  • Important pro-bono work for a number of charities we are involved with and care about
  • Intellectually stimulating crisis work… and of course countless celebrity PR tales… which we could tell but we won’t.

This was another profitable year for this PR firm, and one where we are proud of the results and work we did. Was a much better year than 2009, and one where we say once again thank you to all for the great work, for our clients, to the media, and we say onward and upward.

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