CES Public Relations TradeshowWith just a few short weeks before CES 2016, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself for the gadgets you’re liable to see. After examining many rumors and monitoring the movements of the big tech companies, a brief list of prospective gadgets is available about what to expect at CES 2016.

Quick Facts: CES 2016


When is it?
The largest annual tech event, the Consumer Electronics Show will take place from January 6 through the 9th, though you can expect a few early events in the two days prior.


Where is it and who can go?
This time, it’s in Las Vegas, NV, and you’ll have to be media, an attendee, a delegation leader or an exhibitor to access the event; it isn’t available for the general public.


What does CES typically show?
You’ll see coverage on all the tech toys you’ll probably buy within the next year. It’s usually displayed and demoed at CES before it hits the market.


What to Expect at CES 2016


1. Samsung Galaxy S7
The Galaxy S6 may be a relatively new product, but it’s also about time for Samsung to reveal the next iteration at CES 2016. Much like with the S6, Samsung is keeping especially tight-lipped about the subject, which is reason alone to expect something from the big tech event.

2. Virtual Reality
If anything will steal the show at CES 2016, it has to be VR, especially since the Oculus Rift should also be available in the next few months. As such, you can expect to find a ton of new content designed specifically for virtual reality and a wide assortment of different headsets to demo.

In fact, most already know that Samsung has a headset designed for virtual reality powered with a phone. It’s an impressive device that is almost guaranteed to make another appearance at CES 2016. Other advanced sets like Razer OSVR, HTC Vive and others likely will come too with controllers that give you the chance to interact with your environment.

3. PlayStation
Though primarily designed for technology, video game consoles are still liable to make an appearance as their own little powerhouses. Sony already is likely to have its hands deep in CES 2016, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the PlayStation 4 will also appear again.

CES has previously been a great opportunity to demo games like “Severed,” “Infamous: Second Now” and others. For 2016, it’s a good bet that Sony will return with information about PlayStation VR, keeping in line with the expected theme for the show.

Recent announcements have been made for games like “Rez Infinite” and “Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruins” that prove Sony’s up to something new. With a little luck, you may even learn when PSVR will become available and how much it’ll set you back.

4. Smart Cars
Self-driving vehicles and other prototypes of the like will certainly make an appearance throughout CES 2016. Plenty of manufacturers will be around to present and keynote all facets of their smart vehicles, including price points.

Apple’s equivalent should also serve as a centerpiece, guaranteed to bring in a major crowd. CES 2016 will dedicate 25 percent extra floor space for cars, so it’s not hard to imagine there being a slew of smart cars shown in 2016.

5. Smart Watches
The second generation of smart watches really shined over their initial debut, gaining massive popularity throughout 2015. They’re still not quite as great as they could be, but the hardware and technology continues to evolve with each couple of months. It may even be expected to find a few new models on the floor in 2016.

6. Better Processors
Unless you’re into computer hardware, processors might not seem interesting, but they’re critical to powering up a computer or a smartphone. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 and NVIDIA Tegra X1 were both shown at CES last year, so CES 2016 should offer some insight on their successors.

7. Tablets
Considering how well the Microsoft Surface has sold, it’s likely that you’ll find a number of other companies building their own competing devices and exhibiting them at CES 2016. The iPad Pro and its Pencil from Apple both excited artists and media alike, and Microsoft continues to innovate with the Surface Pro 4. The chances of other manufacturers presenting their own models are pretty good.

Similarly, you will likely see tablets that keep getting bigger and bigger. For instance, Samsung just released the Galaxy View tablet measuring in at an outstanding 18.4 inches of brilliant screen. Sales for tablets have been stagnating over the last year, which makes it the perfect opportunity for manufacturers to keep giving more and more.

These are just some of many innovations that are likely to make an appearance at CES 2016. As for which one will prove to be the most exciting — only time will tell.

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