This week alone, three clients spoke with me about investing funds in “content creation.” The goal of these campaigns is to grab consumers with attention-grabbing content and subsequently buy their product.   With the changing media, smart entrepreneurs are hiring spokespersons and creating their own content. This gives them the freedom to define the news without losing control to the media’s agenda.

This concept, if done right, will trump trade media outlets and enhance a company’s SEO.  For example, General Electric recently launched an alternative media outlet, a type of hybrid between traditional online news and a blog. This allows them to create their own content, catering to an audience already interested in the material, and provides a forum for consumer engagement and conversation.

In an environment where brands aren’t spending money on advertising, brands have an opportunity to define their industry’s news and trends. For a fraction of the cost, brands can finance their own industry’s media machines. PR 2009.

Ronn Torossian


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