Our PR agency handles a tremendous amount of crisis PR agency work – and as such our role is often similar to that of corporate attorneys.  We are hired to protect our clients, which means, at times, the media can become our adversary.

This article in The Wall Street Journal lambasts a company for not permitting media into their annual meeting.  I completely understand the company’s guardedness. Why is it assumed the media should always be present or that public relations people have to kow-tow to reporters?

My favorite response from reporters is… “I am just doing my job.” I always return with, “I am just doing my job – protecting our client.”

Until the media promises to only publish material that we approve, I’d advise PR pros to not allow unfettered access.

So, in response to the question posed in The Wall Street Journal: “If a company holds an annual meeting and there are no reporters around to cover it, does it make a sound?” The answer may be no… but who says the company wants the type of “noise” you are proposing.  There’s a time to “control” the message and the amount of information disseminated publically.

Ronn Torossian



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