Cubs victory lap could be beginning of something even better

And now for the headline more than a century in the making: “The Cubs Won the World Series” … even if you don’t love baseball, you probably like a hard luck story turned around. And, when it comes to pro sports, is there a better rags to riches story than those “Lovable Cubbies.”

The city of Chicago pretty much took the day off last week to help their beloved Cubs celebrate the first World Series ring in more than a century. A parade hosted tens of thousands of elated fans, cheering as their team cruised down away from Wrigley field where they had been greeted by thousands more fans waving signs and cheering.

Then came the party that literally shut down the downtown area, where it looked like all the residents of the city came to be part of the celebration. The curse was broken, the goat was gone, and the Cubs were on top of the world.

But, now that there’s been some time for the magic to wear off a bit, some folks are already asking, will we have to wait another century to feel the joy of victory? It’s a very Cubs question. The team that came so close so many times only to have one thing or another dash those hopes is ready for more good news … but they’re wary. Can this become the start of something better?

Baseball prognosticators think it can. After all, the team is young, and it has a great base to build around. It also has the sort of coach you need to win the big games. Joe Maddon has a history of building over-achieving teams. During his days in Tampa, Joe turned one of the lowest payrolls in the Bigs into a perennial contender. He left, and so did the magic.

So, too, did Series MVP Ben Zobrist. Zorilla was a huge fan favorite in Tampa Bay before leaving for Chicago. He took his bat up to the city by the lake and cemented his baseball legacy. But the big question is, are these Cubs one and done? Folks in the “know” say “no.” They think the Cubs will be back. They have the bats, and they have the bullpen. Can they capture the magic next season? People will argue from now through the All-Star break next season. That’s why they play the game.

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