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The desk is the central point of any workspace, and important part of productivity for most professionals. Whether it’s a small desk in a cubicle at a standard office, or a large desk within a private home office space, choosing the right furniture can be the key to transforming productivity in any workplace.

Ultimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all method to choosing the best office desk, but there are things that any professional can do to make sure that they’re prepared to make a more informed decision about their workplace environment.

Choosing a Desk for a Specific Style of Work

Usually, one of the easiest ways to start the search for an ideal desk is to think about how you’re going to use the space available to you. For professionals who engage mostly in computer work, it will be important to choose an ergonomic desk that includes plenty of space for computer screens, a keyboard, mouse, and any other peripheral equipment like printers and fax machines.

On the other hand, for those who use their desk creatively – there may be a need for space that provides additional light, or an L-shape desk that allows for both meeting space and work. If finance and space allow, then a U-shape desk can be a compelling option and makes a unique presentation space for people who want to impress their clients.

Desks and Professional Personality 

Besides choosing a desk based on need, some professionals decide on a desk because it suits their personality or work ethic. For instance, those who consider themselves to be a creative but messy worker might need more space than the neat worker who keeps everything carefully stacked and stored away.

Regardless of personal preference, professionals should always make sure that the desk they choose helps them to feel as comfortable and productive as possible in their office space. Ultimately, a desk is more than just a place where people can complete documents and meet with clients – it’s also a crucial tool for efficiency and productivity.

Some experts even choose stand-up desks to help them be more productive, as they feel that they’re more engaged with products, and more creative when they’re standing up as opposed to sitting down.

Choosing a Desk for Comfort

Finally, since many professionals spend hours behind their chosen desk each day, it’s important to make sure that the chosen furniture is comfortable and easy to use. This means selecting a desk that provides adequate leg space. Most desks are at least 30 inches away from the floor and this can be sufficient for many users. However, taller professionals with high chairs might require a taller desk.

Computer users need to place their keyboards at a comfortable height too. Keyboards on traditional desks can be too high and may result in muscle strain and discomfort for the user over time. Desktop materials and equipment must be within easy reach, and if the desk has a sharp edge, then a wrist pad can be an important accessory to invest in.

Ronn Torossian is the CEO and Founder of 5W Public Relations.

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