The esteemed Stephen Spahn who serves as Chancellor of Dwight School, the elite private school in Manhattan recently gave me a copy of “The Constant Choice: An Everyday Journey From Evil Toward Good” by Peter Georgescu.  What an enjoyable read of the life story of a man who arrived in America after years of forced labor as a child in communist Romania.

With passion and emotion, Georgescu tells the story of his experiences worldwide, and his subsequently work as CEO (now Chairman Emeritus) of leading worldwide advertising agency Young & Rubicam. And in reading the book one simply has to wish for him to continue to succeed higher and higher.

The book is a fascinating read of one man’s struggle with faith, good vs. evil, philanthropy and so many other challenges people face as live passes.  Whatever we experience is a mixture of experiences, faith, challenges, resilience and many other things. Georgescu’s deepness and decency shone through the pages, from his upbringing to family history and today’s experiences, one felt he told many very personal tales of his fascinating life.

As someone who remembers many of my families’ struggles growing up and uses it to channel into positive energy today was inspiring to read the tales of a man who made it to the top of the word after literally cleaning filthy sewers during the horrors of communism.

An inspiring book – and a reminder for everyone of the importance of continuing to do good things in the world.  Great book – go get it today.


Ronn Torossian


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