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While social media marketing and viral video sharing may be the hottest marketing trend of the “now,” focusing all your dollars on those forms and neglecting more traditional forms of digital advertising will drastically diminish your success potential.

Keep Decisions Simple

If you want your target market to opt in then MAKE IT SIMPLE to do that…and ONLY that. Don’t bombard them multiple initial options or blast them with strings of choices that lead nowhere. Keep it short, sweet, simple and easy. One question. One desirable option.

Make it Mobile Friendly

The days of everyone except a handful of MACophiles using Outlook or a Yahoo clone are over. An increasing number of people get their email all but exclusively on their phones. Your email marketing, particularly your HTML offers MUST be responsive for ANY platform or screen ratio.

Encourage Aggressive Opt-ins 

Incentivizing subscriptions may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s amazing how many people send out emails and NEVER EVEN ASK! As an email marketer, you should NEVER send out an email without giving people the option to get more, and more regular, information. Ever.

Baby Steps are Best

We all know people would rather read it short and click than to land on a never ending page or an opt-in form that looks like it was created by the IRS. So why make subscriptions complicated??? Short forms, only the information you need and a single-click submission. No clutter and no exhaustive lists.

Design for Easy Scanning

How you write your email is every bit as important as WHAT you write in your email. If you think anyone is actually reading your entire email start to finish, you, my friend, are incorrect. People scan everything they get to see if it’s WORTH reading. So design your messages for easy scanning, quick reviews that communicate one simple message – THIS EMAIL WILL MAKE YOU HAPPIER.


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