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Fostering and growing an entrepreneurial spirit within an organization can be a challenging but worthwhile task to make a business profitable and keep it profitable. While not everyone identifies as an entrepreneur, entrepreneurial traits can be found in employees to foster a collective staff of creative and hard-working minds.

Now, when we speak about an entrepreneurial spirit, that does not mean that every staff member is seeking to open a new business necessarily. Rather, we speak to the individual values entrepreneurship encapsulates such as innovation, creativity and passion. When employees display one or many of these traits, they often find their own personal motivation that fuels their want of a rewarding career. When individuals with these ideals come together as a collective, the power they hold in innovating and bringing creative ideas to the table can help grow the business immensely.

In this case, the marketing department is not the only arm of the company tasked with being creative. If a company embraces the idea that ‘any good idea can come from anywhere’ internally, a previously untapped resource pool opens up and employees are given the chance to push themselves out of their comfort zone mentally but within their scope.

One of the biggest factors for a successful fostering of this community will stem from its head, a passionate leader at the helm. A passionate leader will do all they can to allow an ambitious passion and spirit infuse into the careers of their employees. And together, tackling client challenges will become a welcome task and an opportunity to really put this entrepreneurial spirit to the test time and time again.

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