Practical joke Turns Into Viral Sensation

Jimmy Kimmel gotcha…and you may not even know it yet. Chances are you’ve seen the viral video of the cute coed trying to send a sexy twerking video to her boyfriend, only to have it go horribly wrong.

In the video, the ersatz twerker is doing an improbable handstand twerk on her apartment door when her roommate opens the door at exactly the wrong time. The amorous girl is dumped unceremoniously through her coffee table, which incidentally is covered with burning candles.

Suddenly the woman’s yoga pants are aflame and she is screaming. The roommate reacts in understandable terror. Fade to black.

The surprise, fear and guilty laughter of the video turned it into an overnight Internet sensation. Millions of view, shares and innumerable clicks made it one of the most popular viral videos of the year. So popular was this video that it got picked up by countless local news sites and shows.

Turns out it was all a joke. The video was produced by talk show host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel. The woman in the video was a professional stunt person who was in on the joke the entire time.

Now their confessional video has also gone viral. Talk about the power of online PR! Kimmel garnered huge name recognition and priceless PR pop.

“This scenario is really the holy grail of Internet PR in the digital age, particularly for an entertainment personality,” Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5W Public Relations, said.

Torossian said Kimmel’s rib tickled all the right spots in the collective Internet experience. It contained an attractive person doing something silly and ended with a flaming surprise. “People simply could not help but share it. The “you have to see this” quotient was off the charts. Kudos, Mr. Kimmel.”

Then Kimmel used his newfound platform to comment on the concept of distraction in the media. His final salvo was a thought-provoking indictment on the modern media culture most viewers are unlikely to forget.

“Good thing nothing is going on in Syria right now.”


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