As a communicator I have learned a long time ago to expect the unexpected. Still, I am nevertheless continually surprised, both from both the positive and negative side of the fence. A book I was sent the other day, from friends who publish serious PR news actually, just goes to show the diversity of interest, expertise, and gifted we humans (no matter our profession) are capable of.  Garden Super Hero Tales, no less! I bet you never expected a children’s cookbook to cross your path here, now did you? One of the principals over at Everything PR News is  former Military Journalist with the Romanian Ministry of Defense, an SEO expert,and  author of a wonderful and intelligent interactive cookbook for moms and kids. How’s that for a diverse skill-set? 

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Healthy lifestyles, and especially educating our young ones accordingly, this is something of focus ladies and gentlemen from the First Lady to the creator of heroic veggies Mihaela Lica Butler should be concerned about. Let me quote from an accolade already visible at Amazon, one by a teacher. Leslie E. Merry writes: “I think this would be a tremendous resource for both parents and teachers seeking to teach healthy eating habits and an appreciation of vegetables to children from preschool age right through elementary school level…”

Many times in the past I’ve advised about unexpected consequences in PR. There’s always calculated risk, along with incalculable potential for gain and destructive forces as well. It’s nice to be surprised positively like this, this is why I took the time to make note here. Here’s a lesson to be on the lookout, there’s a healthy idea around every corner. Creating opportunity straight out of a NYC blizzard, finding healthy gems in unexpected places, communication is as much about positive conversations as it is bad news. Hats off to educated PR news people, and ladies who can cook up intelligent, healthy, ideas.

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