photo e1370874748889 225x300 Hampton Inn Shouldn’t We Expect Clean Rooms?



Took my kids hiking this weekend and had a glorious amazing time in the June weather.  What was not a great experience was out stay at the Hampton Inn hotel, a national chain affiliated with the Hilton Hotels.

While we were charged $180 a night, found their ads which were all over the hotel promoting a clean bed to be completely tacky.  Is a clean bed not to be expected at that (or any) price point?  There were also Post-It notes stuck to the bed advertising the clean beds – and I found it to be tacky and not something to advertise. The room smelled, and in fact the room wasn’t clean.

While we weren’t expecting a Four Seasons, the very advertisement made us question the cleanliness even more.  Thumbs down. Really a turn-off.

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