Influencer Marketing

The marketing world is one of the most dynamic fields in the business world. New and more creative methods of reaching audiences are being made every day. One such a creative idea is the use of so-called “influencers.” In this form of marketing communications, a group of individuals that wields, well, influence about a brand or organization are found and included in the brand-promotion process. These influencers are a wide range of individuals and could actually be part of the expected buyers or other third-party persons that have a great influence on the product supply chain or on the social face of the people through such things as journalism or education.

Influence marketing involves a few key steps in order to be fully implemented. These steps include a very basic way to isolate and find the influencers. This process is intensive, as the failure at this stage could cause a total failure of the plan. Many efforts can be used to come up with the relevant influencers, such as including pre published lists of influencers or studying the social media and Web trends and locating individuals who exert some influence in your market.

Other steps include the actual marketing to influencers. This considers the need to first appeal to people you want to use. This might involve trying to reach out the community of the targeted influencers. The other is the marketing through the influencers. In this case, the influencers are used to penetrate the market using their influence. For example, those celebrities using a certain deodorant can influence people to use that particular brand of deodorant.

The last step is the marketing in concert with the influencer. This is a high level of interaction between the brand and the influencer. To wit, the influencer takes in the product like it belongs to him and recommends it use.

Regardless of the field of origin of the influencers they all possess some commonalities. On some level, influencers are activists. They tend to engage the people around them and involve them in his or her schedule. Influencers in this case seem to work as carriers of a group of people such as a church, youth group among others.

Influencers are also rich in their networks especially their extended social circles. This connectivity gives them the so much needed appeal and influence. Influencers are also individuals with great impact to the society. They are the role models and the icons people look up to. This position makes their ideas to look right and their taste become the envied one that people want to copy.

They also have very sharp minds that have a multifaceted scope of interests. This make them relevant in many other fields rather than just one field of specialization. This further widens their social circles and allows for many people to identify with them. All influencers are also trendsetters in their fields. They quickly board into systems that based on their intuitions that they will succeed or ran away from even though popular ideas that they feel may not last for long. This power to predict sways many individuals with them and they are looked up to in order to make the next move.

People possessing these skills seem to also fall into broader categories of professions. This creates a general pool of influencers. This however does not dismiss that other careers could produce influencers. The general categories of the influencers include coaches. These individuals offer help and engage in the activities that the people do. This engagement is particularly appealing to many people as coaches are to be watched and what they wear, drink or acknowledge seems to be the right choice.

Another category is the educators and tutors. This group offers exclusive insight and help on various topics of life. They therefore take a position of informational authority. This allows them to be endorsed by communities and people as the right choice of a society model. Using this position they can introduce new beliefs or challenge the authenticity of the new ideas.

Entertainers offer the public with engagement and inspiration, tools which make them take up the position of classic outlook. They can therefore influence the dressing and beauty options of a community. Charismatics on the other hand offer high level insights and inspiration thereby drawing masses with themselves. They assume a leadership role and they are expected to give a viewpoint on various matters.

Influencers are not so easy to convince. However by using authentic products and the right motive you can win their hearts and their influence and achieve your marketing plan.

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