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Smaller companies that don’t have access to large followings or celebrity endorsements can still make the most out of influencer marketing and PR campaigns. For instance, let’s take a look at a company called Little Sapling Toys. This company began life about ten years ago, selling products on Their main product was wooden teethers that were finished without any harmful products or toxins.

Little Sapling toys had no huge selection of influencer followers, or celebrities to work with. It was just a husband and wife team with a small baby. Both parents wanted to be able to work from home, and the husband Nick had a great deal of experience working with wood and natural restoration efforts. On the other hand, the wife, Kimber, had artistic and design skills to spare. Together, the couple created teethers in the shapes of guitars, animals, and even the United States.

As time passed and their oldest child grew, with two more coming along, the company began to add new toys and growth charts to the mix, along with education aids all finished in natural woods. Within A few years, they emerged as one of the top toy sellers on Etsy – and that didn’t just happen because they had an amazing product. It occurred because of their fantastic network.

To boost their reach to their target audience, the couple attended expos, trade shows, craft events, and many more incredible networking opportunities. They met people in various industries and connected with those who had unique products to share, just like them. Eventually, they even joined together with various creators to participate in giveaways and other incredible events.

The Little Sapling Toys company also worked hand-in-hand with PR experts to get write-ups as one of the top up-and-coming companies or “mompreneur” businesses in media outlets like Forbes, and The business has even appeared in numerous magazines, including Mothering Magazine and Country Living Magazine – and much of that success came out of their attempts at targeting influencers and connecting with other professionals.

With shipments all over the world, Little Sapling Toys didn’t just work with influencers, they also became influencers in their own right, supporting social media marketing for other brands in the parenting space. This has allowed them to quickly become one of the best mom and pop companies around while ensuring that they can live their dream of staying home with the kids. There’s many ways influencer marketing campaigns can succeed, whether for companies big or small.

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