newspapers 150x150 Israel Start Up PR FirmSince starting 5WPR, we have been involved with Israeli companies – and all my life I personally have been involved with Israel.  But something amazing is happening in the last few months in Israel with start-up companies.

While the amazing book The Start Up Nation detailed many of the reasons Israeli companies succeed, much of it is simple determination.  The country breeds entrepreneurs and it truly is exciting.

Have recently returned from a trip there – and the mixture of B2C companies, social and mobile media companies it is truly just amazing.  Israelis in the high-tech start-up stage are determined, hard-working, resourceful and simply don’t take no for an answer.  They have a winning attitude and it’s really amazing to see.

Proud on so many levels that 5WPR is working extensively as the PR firm with so many Israeli start-up companies.


Ronn Torossian

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