Book Excerpt from “For Immediate Release” by Ronn Torossian
Even a relatively small $100,000-a-year PR campaign can create core messages, result in stories in relevant media publications (which
creates marketing collateral as well as business leads if they land in the right outlets), and shape a company’s image in a positive manner.

We are PR Agency of record for Hint Water, a small bottled water company founded in 2005 owned and run by a husband-and-wife team based in California. We’ve worked with the brand since 2007, and it has grown very quickly.

Competing in a space dominated by Nestle (Perrier, Poland Spring, and others), PepsiCo (Aquafina), and Coca-Cola (Dasani) is demanding. Representing the company is like juggling while running a mile a minute because our efforts for this company have to compete against the results achieved by competitors’ multimillion-dollar ad campaigns. Hint is a $30 million-a-year company. Successful?

Yes, very, but a $10 million marketing budget, let alone one worth $100 million, is not in the picture for them at this stage of the game. Yet to enter or even survive in the beverage industry, sizable marketing efforts must be made. Clearing the clutter is one challenge; staying alive among behemoth worldwide icons that own 50 percent of the industry is another. Big beverage brands don’t exactly skimp—their national marketing and advertising campaigns stream across every medium and platform, and include exclusive deals with elite celebrities and top-level events like the Grammys and Oscars.

How can a small fish possibly survive in a massive ocean when swimming with sharks? Public Relations


Ronn Torossian


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