“I have just returned from an intense 5 day business trip to Las Vegas, and while the time there made me remember how much I dislike the commercial impersonalization of the city (and hotels which take 20 minutes to walk through and lines and lines)… Nevertheless, this trip will remain in my memories for quite some time as a very unique cultural experience.” said Ronn Torossian.

Ronn Torossian CEO of 5WPR was in Vegas to attend the World Series of Poker (WSOP) for a few clients, and particularly to manage and run the launch of Pamela Anderson’s gaming site and the Doyle Brunson Appreciation party. In addition to having a private dinner with Pamela Anderson and Doyle, the whole trip was amazing. Truly an eye-opener.

While attending the WSOP he saw thousands upon thousands of people playing cards – From all walks of life, from college kids in frat gear and baseball caps to older Europeans in 3 piece suits and speaking French on their cell phones, from middle aged housewives to “muscleheads” in union shirts – Truly an unbelievable cultural experience that really can’t be described properly in words. All of this in a room the size of a football stadium with halls upon halls outside the main room of beautiful scantily clad women pushing various products on attendees.

Really amazed Ronn Torossian was how poker is a sport which truly transcends such cultural and ethnic boundaries. He won’t forget for a long time what my client and friend the godfather of poker Doyle Brunson said to me as people were approaching him for autographs and asking to take pictures with him “I used to run from the police for playing cards and people used to hunt me down – Now I sign autographs like a celebrity.”

As a New Yorker, Ronn Torossian lives and works in Manhattan … but trips like this always remind him of the need to continue to travel and witness the world from a business stand point – the world has so much going on and so many different ways to make money.

“This week’s poker filled trip to Vegas was an eye opener.” – Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR.

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