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Had an awesome guest speaker today at 5WPR University – best-selling author Laurence Haughton.

Having him speak to many of my employees today was a very beneficial experience as he urged us to continue with our culture of urgency.  His book, “It’s Not the Big That Eat the Small… It’s the Fast That Eat the Slow – How to use speed as a competitive tool in business”, is something which has guided the growth of my business for many years – and is really an insightful read.

Four Ideas He Stressed To Us:

1: Learn To Let Go:  That which got you here won’t get you there – know when enough is enough.  Always consider new and better ways of doing things.

2: Take Responsibility: At all levels.

3: The Best Idea Wins

4: No Skunking:  Bring Positivity

All ideas which can be expanded upon – but as we continue to urge our team to have a culture of urgency, they are words of wisdom.  Thank you to Laurence for his great speech today.

Reinforcing this point:  Last week, I emailed Richard Edelman, whom I admire greatly as CEO of the largest PR Firm in the world, Edelman, at 9:06 PM commending him for a recent story I read about him. At 9:10PM (4 minutes later) I received a response. Admirable.

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