Like so many Jews worldwide, I sat through sermons during Rosh Hashanah services in synagogue this week. As I was sitting, listening to my beloved Rabbi speak perfectly and eloquently (hey, it’s my Rabbi), I wondered how many Rabbis (or other clergy for that matter) actually consider being professionally trained before they deliver their message.

Knowing the subject matter is only a part of challenge, and, often, the larger challenge is actually knowing how to present the material – when to make the joke and when to raise your voice, when to stop and emphasize your point, and when to pause.  All of these tricks are something anyone who speaks to media, employees, or publicly should study, and learn to professionally master. It’s a practice area where my PR agency is seeing a lot of growth, and one that amazingly successful people from all walks of life don’t seem to utilize enough.

A recent interview with Anderson Cooper quoted him as saying: “Being on camera is easy for me, but speaking in front of several thousands of people, it’s a different skill set. Making speeches gave me a nervous pit in my stomach, so I forced myself to do it.”

For some, being on camera is very hard and, for others, lecturing a small group of employees is just as difficult.  Let your communications/PR team train you, and you will be thankful (and so too will your congregation, employees or shareholders.).

Ronn Torossian


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