Netflix doubles down on nostalgia

Netflix is on a roll lately. Smash hit series, popular comedy specials, and a growing list of (actually good) movies and TV shows have them raising their rates … and this time, customers are not griping too terribly much.

But the network that invented binge watching and Right Now seasons of popular programs is giving its customer base even more reasons to tune in. The latest offering has the streaming network jumping on the nostalgia bandwagon.

Fuller House was the first horse out of the gate. While not a true remake, the show definitely hit all the same notes and played all the same “plot music” as the original 90s sitcom. Sure, it was the next generation having all the life lessons getting solved in 25 minutes or less, but it was still almost a note-for-note standing O to the original. Fans responded appropriately.

But that was just the beginning. Now the network is about to release an update to the massive cult classic series Gilmore Girls. While it never had the commercial success of some other series, the dramady was must-see TV for millions of dedicated fans, who can’t wait for November 25, when Netflix debuts “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”. The original director and stars are returning, and the stories told in the series should be familiar to fans, as each 90-minute episode will cover a season in the life of the characters.

For its next selection, Netflix is reaching way back to the 1970s, “reimagining” the classic sitcom One Day At A Time. Norman Lear is back as the producer, but this time, the show focuses on a Cuban-American family in its initial 13-episode season. Lear is known for knock it out of the park hits blending cutting social commentary with genuinely funny and heartwarming content. Will the modern generation connect with Lear’s unique approach and style? We’ll find out later this year.

There’s no doubt a production company can go to the well once too often, and there have certainly been a ton of terrible “remakes” stretching back decades. But, if Netflix pulls this off without a hitch, they will be heroes to millions of fans of two of the most popular shows with the most dedicated followings of anything that’s been on TV.

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