IBM reduces telecommuting options
A decade or two ago, thanks to the fast spread of WiFi and more disconnected work environments, telecommuting was all the rage. But, just as quickly as it began, one major American company has decided enough is enough. Working in your PJs is no longer okay with IBM, at least for a significant number of the company’s employees.
Tricks of the PR Trade for Social Media
Eons ago, public relations was largely focused on building relationships with journalists and the media. Today that focus continues, but it has become only a part of what PR agencies do to help their clients build their brands.  A large focus of PR today is to strengthen brands by building influencer status on social media.  Here are tried and true tricks of the PR trade, and tips for how to use them on social platforms.
Heineken vs. Pepsi: A Look at Brand Commentary on Social Issues
Companies take a risk when they decide to comment on social issues.  When done right, companies can make genuine connections with existing and potential customers.  When done wrong, companies can turn off their audiences, which can lead to drops in sales, smeared brand reputations, and negative press.
Our Take on the Latest PR Crises
Throughout the past month, the executives at 5W have repeatedly been approached by the media for our opinions on the major missteps made by a variety of widely recognized brands.  Here’s a quick debriefing on the latest big brand scandals, and our take on each.
Here's Why Fox Had to Fire Bill O'Reilly
I recently spoke to NBC about Fox News Channel’s firing of Bill O’Reilly, which stirred up the public’s interest and indignation.
Vinyl Comeback Making Record Stores Pay Again
They say if you wait long enough, everything old will become new again. That certainly seems to be the case with vinyl records. From ubiquitous music providers to coasters to conversation pieces and decorative items, records have evolved a lot as time, and music fans have changed. A few years back, collectors and vintage audio niches caught the interest of the record biz, who started producing even current acts on vinyl again. But, at that point, it was still more novelty than cash … READ MORE »
Apple Joins the Race for Self-Driving Cars
Most people watching the tech sector said it had to happen sooner or later. Now, it looks like the “iCar” may be sooner than anyone really expected. Apple is finally in the race to develop the first consumer-friendly self-driving car. And, as is their habit, the company landed in the market with a massive splash.
Amazon Attacks Another Market Segment: Business Supplies
Think your business or industry is safe from the growing and encroaching shadow of Amazon? You’re probably fooling yourself. The company that was once a silly little business trying to sell books online now practically sells everything … and they do it so well, they’re actually expanding into industries they literally replaced.
Lululemon struggling to compete
Lululemon landed in the marketplace with all the right stuff. It was placed in a high demand segment, offered unique looks and created a fierce fan following almost immediately. In fact, Lululemon fans were compelled to recruit other fans. That’s how their key marketing push worked. And it did work … for a while.
NYC Journalism Mourns One of its Own
Journalism as a trade is undergoing a strange shift, both in ideals and applications. As this is happening, there’s an Old Guard who carried the torch for traditional journalism their entire lives who are dying off, leaving a legacy and an example for others to follow. One of these is Jimmy Breslin, who passed away recently at the age of 88.