A major international cosmetic company, hired 5WPR as beauty PR firm of record to raise awareness of the brand. Celebrity seeding, featuring the product at exclusive parties, aligning the brand with high-profile events, and launching new product collections are all crucial in accomplishing this task. Partnering with trendsetters and market movers allows brands to achieve a heightened profile and “posh” status.

One of these was accomplished when we partnered a new hair care line with a celebrity hair-stylist, and invited top-tier editors to cover the partnership.  As the hair-stylist has celebrity relations, we were able to achieve an “independent seal of approval” for the new line.  The hair-stylist raised his profile and achieved tremendously positive press coverage.

To further align the brand with a fashion and celebrity audience, we partnered the brand with designers during NY Fashion Week.  We would not have been able to speak to consumers as powerfully or get as much press without these partnerships.

Next time you think about PR, remember:

1: New and “pop-up” customers can often be considered a gift to a business. It means the language you are speaking is reaching beyond the boundaries of what you thought possible. Embrace these people and include them in your conversation.

2. If you must . . . ignoring is better than insulting. It’s okay to ignore certain people if you don’t think they’ll bring any positive “buzz” to your business, but why go out of your way to alienate them? Say no to some customers if you like, but it’s best to do so consciously, strategically, and inconspicuously.

3. PR can be an organic and natural result of customer loyalty and affection. When you speak to a customer with products and in a language they love, they’ll lay the PR groundwork for you. 4. Partnerships can give you a double-barreled gun, making it that much easier to hit your target audience and multiply one PR effort into many simultaneous ones.

Ronn Torossian


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