My Thoughts on Jeremy Lin


The IRS is looking to hire a Public Relations agency – Wow could one imagine a more different engagement? In the latest case of the PR industry being a convenient whipping boy, the Mayor of Vancouver a city with a yearly operating expenditures of about $1 billion for spending $85,934 for PR consultants in 2011. A tremendously small amount to communicate and for “social media strategy and production, strategic political advice, and public relations.” What’s the cost of communicating poorly one wonders? An absurd criticism. Some highlights here

Jeremy Lin is a marketing dream come true, if somebody had a checklist of what a brand should be, Jeremy Lin hits every one. He is Tiger Woods before the scandal, I think he has everything going for him. If he can continue to deliver on the court his possibilities off the court are limitless.

We’ve had clients where you just let them be them (5WPR has represented ex-Knicks Allan Houston and Jalen Rose, and former boxing champion Roy Jones Jr). I don’t think you need to do a ton with Lin. He’s authentic. He’s clearly hard working.

As a sports marketing expert and president and CEO of 5W Public Relations, for me Jeremy Lin is the American dream, a marketer’s dream.


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