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Often, potential clients call us and ask how much a Public Relations campaign costs? I sometimes answer by asking them if they were to call a car dealer and ask, “How much is a car,” if they’d get an answer; if they called an airline and asked, “How much is a flight?”… well, you get the idea.

PR isn’t one size, shape or color; there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution or cost.  When done right, a PR campaign is a symphony orchestra in which there are drummers, flutists, violinists, and so on; in other words, it’s a dynamic approach based on a client’s needs, goals, and how they fit into their industry. A PR campaign can be a part of the orchestra but it’s not the entire ensemble. There are other important parts, like price, product functionality, design, etc.

Every part of the orchestra matters, and without a proper Public Relations & marketing plan, there is no symphony. All parts of the business, or orchestra, matter and should support one another – and what you want to accomplish shall determine the budget.

Ronn Torossian


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4 Responses to Public Relations and Marketing Budgets

  1. Joanna Lubikla says:

    Wow Mr. Ronn Torossian interesting ideas you have regarding PR Agencies and budgets. Its interesting to hear your thoughts and the way you put it.

  2. Vigrx says:

    Good post

  3. Johnny Duff says:

    5WPR what do you think will advertising die or just fall ?

  4. SSW says:

    Great post. I will remember this the next time someone asks how much a campaign costs! Thanks.

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