I am very excited that we have been retained as PR agency of record for El Al Airlines. On many fronts – from the 1st airline we have ever represented to the myriad of relevant issues which comes with representing this brand – it is both personally and professionally gratifying to have this client.

Life moves way too fast and I often pinch myself wondering if all of this is real. I remember when I started 5WPR, I used to call the office after I left just to see if anyone would actually answer the phone.  Now nearly 7 years later, I’m often amazed that we have amassed 22,000 square feet in office space, have served thousands of clients and will surpass $50 Million in revenue since Day 1 this year.  It’s all very exciting, and winning El Al makes the work we do here even more gratifying.

Hard work is indeed rewarded, and so goes the life and times of the Public Relations world.

Ronn Torossian



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