“For Immediate Release: Shape Minds, Build Brands, and Deliver Results with Game-Changing Public Relations” by Ronn Torossian has some great public relations rules in the back of the book.

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Here are some of the tips:

*Don’t expect the media to love you. They can write something bad. Be prepared for it.

*PR doesn’t mean spilling all the beans. Learn how and when to keep secrets, and when you shouldn’t be talking to the media. Information is power.

*If there’s bad news, let it come from you. Your “stakeholders” don’t want to read about a crisis in the paper; the story is best if it is coming from the source.

*Tell the truth and do so with clarity, sincerity, and passion.”

*Get to know reporters. Offer to buy lunch, dinner, drinks, etc. Give out your cell phone number. Get to know them and it will pay off. You will be called not only as a source but also as a background resource. You can offer exclusives, speak comfortably off the record, and receive helpful information.

*Don’t expect privacy. Privacy doesn’t exist in today’s open social media world. If you post something on Facebook, employees, clients, and the media can see it.

*Don’t be complacent during “down times”—they can be your best opportunities. So many of my colleagues seem to shut down during holidays. As long as media comes out the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas week, work. It’s a great time to get your fluffy media stories placed because you are competing with fewer people for media space.

*News is entertainment. Be entertaining, exciting, interesting, and relevant.

*Remember the sexy factor. Media is always looking for an excuse to run pictures of good-looking people or sexy stories. Capitalize on that fact.

*The best ideas don’t work until you work the idea. When you have a PR idea, think it through, try it out, and experiment—don’t put it on a shelf.

Ronn Torossian


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