• While it is an open mystery of how start-ups are valued – universally it is agreed that buzz matters. And a NY Times blogger had words which make all of us in the PR Agency world happy when discussing potential valuations: “Of course, all of this math starts to fall apart when a start-up receives an exorbitant amount of press and exposure on social networks. Then suitors become irrational, making the price people are willing to pay seem as if it were plucked out of a hat.”
  • Council of PR Firms has a unique opportunity for recent college graduates hoping to get into the industry to win $2,500 and an all expense paid New York City trip. Anyone interested in entering the contest should visit www.prtakeflight.com – and submit a video which answers the question “A PR Career is an opportunity for me to…”
  • Talk about instant feedback and instant gratification – Domino’s Pizza customers can now watch their pizza being made. Wow. Read more at: http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/dominos-new-site-lets-you-watch-live-stream-pizza-being-made-somewhere-utah-149075


Ronn Torossian


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