1:  I am working harder than I have in quite a while.  I vowed a month or so ago not to leave my desk until 10PM at least twice every week.  Sacrifices have to be made; there’s simply too much to be done and extra work is necessary. It’s tiring, and there is no foreseeable end to this need for instant results.  Right now, it seems there’s an inability for brands to look long term.  I think it’s a year to grin and bear it.

Today, a longtime client wrote to me describing a major, very unexpected business shift: “These are not normal times…when I pick up the paper to find out that Macy’s is now cutting 7000 jobs and consolidating 4 divisions into one…In normal times I would be amazed…in these times I am not surprised.”

2:  I very much agree with a comment I read today on www.adage.com: “One, social media is still a hot topic with agencies. Two, among clients, social media is lukewarm.”  I agree that while there’s a lot of dialogue in the agency community, few companies really spend on social media, and that’s surprising.  I think there’s tremendous opportunity for companies willing and able to take chances with their brands, but social media is still lip service more than action for clients.

3: I have made a point of interviewing a lot of people during these tight times; there’s a lot of talent that wasn’t previously obtainable. I have met some great people, but those who want PR jobs need to realize that there’s less time and less money than before.  Lateral moves may no longer be possible, and sometimes people may have to do more for less money.

While the cream will rise to the top, certain people must be prepared to make less money during times such as these.  I know I will this year, and anyone with a sizeable agency who says otherwise is someone I’d call Pinocchio.

Ronn Torossian
A late night at work in February



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  1. Romey says:

    Being the social media guy for the agency I work for, I am a little biased toward your second bullet. Clients should invest in PR and the social media group as interacting with customers is key. With past clients, the social media networks helped keep them on top of the mind of their consumers.

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