Some random musings following a particularly exhausting week – Late nite meetings, events and simply busy.

Friday nite I hosted a dinner in my home for 2 current clients, and a former client who was a cabinet member of a foreign government, and he remarked that in today’s world CEO’s are the real leaders more than politicians.  With what is transpiring in today’s world, it surely seems the case, and business leaders have tremendous reach and influence – All of us should realize it and act accordingly.

Public Relations’ pros need to continue to learn business.  Clients utilize PR to strategically grow their business, and we have to constantly view the business world, and our clients through “business eyes”, and not just as PR folks.  I think more PR people need to be reading business classes, and learning what revenues are, gross profit and what margins mean…. And not just how to write a press release.

This article is something anyone pitching media should read – Local means local, and industry jargon is necessary for industry trades.  One of the reasons 5WPR continues to succeed is we understand how to pitch media and how to penetrate with focused story ideas.  It counts and matters. Get it?

Ronn Torossian


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  1. Jen Singer says:

    I agree, Ronn, and some of those business leaders are bloggers that PR firms like yours are pitching. If you’d like some ideas on how to pitch busy bloggers, here are mine:

    Provide your information in 140 characters or less, so we can tweet it if we don’t want to/can’t blog about it.

    Provide us with pre-written blogs from your spokespeople that we can edit or post as is.

    Be on target. We know you can’t read every blog, but try not to be so completely off with your pitches that it’s obvious we are just a name on list.

    Thanks very much.
    Jen Singer

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