Facebook PRFacebook stock has plummeted since its IPO, and the company is in the midst of a public relations nightmare.  From minute 1 of a delayed launch with Nasdaq’s technical problems to the lawsuits swirling around, Facebook is entering a danger zone

Newspaper headlines like: ‘Facebook has No Friends’ are harmful to the brand. Even darling private companies, like Facebook, aren’t necessarily the most popular or best investment choices when trading publicly.

That which has gotten Facebook to this point isn’t what will get them to the next level. Facebook’s PR problems aren’t going away on their own and the executive team at Facebook cannot outwork those problems.  The rules of the game have changed – Facebook must promote any and all value-added services, such as photo sharing and game playing, heavily to show how this social platform is properly valued.

The court of public opinion doesn’t wait – and this downward cycle of media attention is harmful.  The company needs to move quickly with positive news and positive attention. Mark Zuckerberg – Buy a Suit! This is the big leagues, and your hoodies don’t work when you are talking about billions of dollars.  Wall Street demands respect and while individual style may be less formal, a hoodie is simply too much.  Grow up, Mark!

Clear, transparent communication is needed – and Facebook needs to positively communicate any good things.  A Crisis PR Agency is needed – being popular in consumer homes doesn’t mean your stock is valuable.

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