Felt like the Super Bowl was in New York City as I didn’t walk the streets of New Orleans without running into people I knew every step of the way. Some observations from this weekend in New Orleans:

  • Had never before been to New Orleans and am happy was able to visit and spend some time walking the French Quarter and other areas. Amazing boon to tourism as I have been to many other major events but was amazed at how Super Bowl really seemed to take over the city.  Interested to see what the effect will be next year in our great city.
  • So many pop-up stores and unique brand experiences which were all over the city. Was able to see the Justin Timberlake concert which featured Timbaland and Jay-Z.  Was able to spend time with important clients, met so many interesting people (including new business prospects), had a drink with a very close friend (whose schedule and mine never seem to work out when we are both home), and even met the founder of a directly competing PR firm for the 1st time.  Very worthwhile trip.
  • With all of the inevitable noise about Super Bowl ads, it is clear that Sodastream is a big winner in terms of Brand ROI as a result of the Super Bowl.  Their ad was banned for denigrating Pepsi and Coca-Cola (big Super Bowl advertisers) – and naturally as a result of the banning they got a ton of press.

Ronn Torossian


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