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Small businesses serve a unique purpose within the business and surrounding community and are an important part of the economy. Without their dedication to great customer service and unwavering desire to provide a special product to everyone that walks through their doors or comes through their site, America would be lacking something great. Money tends to be stretched thin for small businesses even when there’s profit to be had. Implement some of our best profitable small business media relations tips for the upcoming New Year and see the benefits first hand.

Partner with Like-minded Services

Let’s say you’re a hair salon in a metro area. Are there any reputable nail salons or barber shops in the area you would recommend to family and friends? If so, reach out to them! Chances are they’re open to a partnership. Think about companies who offer similar services that complement, yet don’t compete with yours. You’ll be able to share databases and interact with community members you may not have had the privilege of meeting before. Plus, those who come into your doors via a recommendation are more likely to become lifetime customers.

Share your Knowledge

You have something valuable to offer the world and your community. Hosting workshops, filming YouTube videos or renting a booth at your town’s local fair is a great way to get your name out there and interact with potential customers. Are there basic aspects to your business that clients could do themselves? If so, teach them how to be a pro. If not, there are complementing services that clients can utilize or would appreciate learning more about? Just find a happy medium and get the word out there. An informed client is more likely to spend money!

Sponsor the Kids

This profitable small business tip may require a little upfront costs, but has been successful in the past for many small businesses across the country. Sponsor a little league or other sports team in the area. It’s one of the best ways to give back to the community while getting the positive press your business deserves. They may wear your business name on their jersey, have banners with your business or place your ad on their website. Each town varies, but the benefits do not.

Be an Internet Star

Be known for being a social butterfly within your town’s online community. Whether it’s a local shop’s Facebook page/community group or on the local newspaper’s site, get involved in the conversation. Wish the local swim team “Good Luck!” on behalf of your shop or congratulate a team on their big win. Become even more of a household name than you already are. When your services are needed, you’ll be first on their mind.

Your community alone is buzzing with chances to become a PR star. Seize every chance you’re given and don’t pass up a chance to get the word out about your services and who you are as a company and person. Make the PR pushes that will grow your business in 2014 and prepare for a successful year ahead!

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