I always wake up and get going super early. When I arrive at work before the world begins, I find it is easier to be productive.

Today, I found myself sitting at my desk before 7:00 AM because I had an early interview on CNN American Morning in which I provided PR commentary on the Tiger Woods Brand.  Besides CNN, this week I appeared on CBS, ABC, Fox New York and have Fox Business, ABC, ESPN Radio and more interviews scheduled for later on today, all Tiger related. I think the Tiger Woods brand will never return to where it was, but today is the start of re-building his image and brand. To date, he has received an F in how he handled this Public Relations debacle.

This week…I had a slew of client meetings, executive changes, crisis PR agency work, and general activity.

Some new business meetings were great, some were good, and some otherwise.  We aren’t the right PR firm for everyone.  We will not always tell prospective clients or current clients they are right when we strongly believe they aren’t, and we will not simply follow marching orders.  We provide PR counsel, brand building advice and want great clients who want results and appreciate hard work.

I had two crisis communications new business meetings this week. I always leave time every week for last minute crisis PR.  It still amazes me that this boy from the Bronx will read stories about big name people, and 3 hours later they will call me and arrive in my conference room ready for counsel.

I went out 3 nights this week with clients, never arriving home before 10 PM.  Building and investing in important relationships for my PR agency are part and parcel of any business, but it’s tiring. In this economy particularly, we provide more than just traditional PR service.  It’s about being a good partner and keeping an eye on our clients business.

I am eagerly awaiting the weekend and some rest. It’s not easy… but it’s not supposed to be. Onward and upward…

Ronn Torossian


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  1. Melinda says:

    Ronn! You are a role model for all! Good for you ..hard work and dedication always pays off..you are living proof!

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