From a Public Relations & branding perspective, the NY Jets acquiring Tim Tebow is an absolute home-run. Already one of the most popular athlete-celebrities in the world, Tim Tebow coming to New York City has the potential to put him a different hemisphere when it comes to his marketing earnings.  Tim Tebow is already a marketing sensation – highly visible, he is appealing and as a New York Jet has the whole world open to him.

As a life-long New Yorker, our city has always been at the center of the media world – 2012 may be the first year we find ourselves at the center of the sports marketing world as well.  There’s little doubt that Tebow will sell a tremendous amount of jerseys and memorabilia – and the biggest immediate winners of Tebow coming to NY are Jockey Underwear and FRS, who Tebow currently endorses.

One wonders – how much will the first picture of Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow together be worth? Will a brand try and put them together? From a personal perspective, Tebow will need to be prepared for what the big city brings – for good and for bad.  From temptation to privacy, the stakes in the Big Apple are different and one wonders how he will cope with the non-stop pressure. There’s no escape from the constant celebrity status in New York.

Tebow is likeable, and has already broken through the sports barrier as a known American celebrity – he has even more potential if he can make it happen in NYC.

Ronn Torossian


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