Technology1 150x150 We Love Start UpsMust read article for any marketer in the weekend papers entitled “Silicon Valley’s Start-Up Machine” which detailed some start-up companies being invested in by a company called “Y Combinator” which funds companies and helps them develop further.  Similar versions of this concept have been called incubators – and there’s a number of different ways start-up companies need support in order to grow.

Entrepreneurs indeed need – and require – unique energy to succeed, and there were some great quotes in the article. Nearly every entrepreneur I meet is convinced their idea is the greatest one ever – and they have a certain aura and energy about them which is inspiring and invigorating.

Paul Buchheit, an investor in Y Combinator said We’re in the early days of the Internet. Every other industry will be eaten by tech.”

Indeed, over the last 15 years that has only proven true – and nearly every industry has already been changed by technology (certain public relations has). At 5WPR, we have invested in client’ brands – and will continue to.  And we love working with entrepreneurs who dream big, think big – and many of them continue to succeed big.  Inspiration – and hard work – matter.

Ronn Torossian

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