Ronn Torossian explains how a singly focused PR campaign will kill your business

multiple levels of customer and client engagementWithout any preamble, let me just say it. You might want to sit down for this. You might be killing your business and burying your brand. And you might be doing it because you are doing a fabulous job.

But, Torossian, that makes no sense?

I hear you, but listen up. Let me explain. In today’s information marketplaces, doing one thing well from a PR standpoint is not nearly enough. Things have shifted from the days when getting your name in the paper or on TV was the end all/be all of public relations. Back then a single story in the Times or a thirty-second mention on the nightly news could be the windfall you needed to achieve success. And, while those forms of public relations are still an incredible success, they are no longer the ONLY route to success.

In fact, if you are depending on only print and TV to get your message out, you are shooting your business in the foot. In today’s information marketplace, you have to engage consumers on multiple levels if you want to achieve ultimate success. Here’s why…

People want to engage on their own terms

We no longer live in a culture where everyone wakes up with the local paper and sits down in the evening to watch the local news. People have more options, so they are making more choices. And, increasingly, they want to get information on their own terms. So serve it up to them or suffer the consequences.

People use more than one medium to gather information

Mobile devices, satellite radio, blogs and social media…all these and more must be taken into account. See, it’s not that people don’t read the paper or watch the news anymore. It’s that they don’t JUST read the paper and watch the news anymore. If you are only present in one medium and your competitor is present in all of them, you will lose this battle.Different Media Approaches

Different media should be approached differently

TV is not radio is not the Internet. I can see you shaking your head and hear you thinking: “Well, duh.” But let me ask you: Have you considered a completely separate approach to each of these viable media options? No? Stop thinking one size fits all and learn now to approach each marketing medium differently. There is freedom and success down that road. The other path leads to disengagement.

These factors may make your marketing campaign a bit more complicated, but that’s the reality we face today. For answers to these and any other public relations questions, contact

Ronn Torossian and 5WPR here.

Ronn Torossian is the founder and CEO of 5W Public Relations, one of the top PR Firms in NYC.

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