Yorkville Advisors – Wearing the Cape


Okay, Yorkville Advisors LLC and its founder/CEO Mark Anthony Angelo don’t actually have the superhero cape, but when it comes to working with public equities and providing private investment funds … well, you could say it’s their super power.

Yorkville Advisors Background

Yorkville is based in New Jersey as a privately-held fund with four funds currently with more than $1 billion in assets, though he began with just one fund in 2001. Since their inception, Mr. Angelo’s fund has helped in more than 500 financing transactions with a notional value worth over $3 billion.

Angelo has had first-hand experience of all kinds of financing and using the knowledge he’s gained, he has developed the company style of working with those who come to the funds for financial backing. They use a Standby Equity Distribution Agreement (SEDA) and are known as the authority on structured finance products.

This month their Yorkville Advisors Global, LLC announced their work with WISeKey International Holding Ltd (“WISeKey), a top cybersecurity and IoT Swiss company as WISeKey signed the SEDA. This will allow WISeKey to have a drawdown of up to CHF 50 million over three years (up to CHF 1 million per draw). The draw-downs will happen with either authorized share capital or treasury shares. This SEDA, according to WISeKey’s CEO Carlos Moreira, “provides us with the necessary financial flexibility to continue investing on our US operation expansion, which is key at this stage to further expand our market penetration and revenue generation.”

Yorkville Advisors Investments

This is just one example of what they do. With cybersecurity being such a big issue in our economy, it seems like not just a good investment, but a proactive social move. That’s not new to Yorkville either. Over the years, they’ve invested in O BioMed, working to develop a chemotherapeutic to fight liver cancer. Other companies include Tallgrass Energy Partners, Kuros Biosciences, and Renaissance Technology LLC.

Yorkville’s headquarters is in Mountainside, New Jersey, but they also have offices in Hong Kong, Milan, Denver, and Palm Beach Gardens (Florida). They invest in public equity, alternative investment markets, and fixed income deals.

Beside Mark Anthony Angelo, other prominent leaders in the funds are Matthew Beckman (managing member), David Gonzalez JD (managing member and general counsel), Gerald Eicke (managing member), and Edward Schinik CPA (CFO and COO). In January 2018, they sponsored the 10th Annual Biotech Showcase in San Francisco.

So maybe it’s time to hand over the cape and find how to put a super suit on the four fingers of Yorkville Advisors Funds.

Yorkville Advisors, LLC is a privately owned hedge fund sponsor. The firm also provides specialty financing solutions to its clients. The firm invests in the public equity, fixed income, and alternative investment markets across the globe.

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