Certain people just seem to fit in their careers like a piece of a puzzle fit perfectly into place- but how to know if something is right for you? Picking the right career can mean the difference between a dead end job and a dream job, so it is incredibly important to find a career that you can love and at which you can be successful. If you have good communication skills, can multitask, be flexible and stay organized, then it is worth considering a … READ MORE »

Say what you will about Bernie Sanders, the guy knows how to inspire, and he sure knows how to take something and make it bigger. No, not THAT Bernie. The other one. Bernie Ecclestone. The context? Not a presidential race. We’re talking about Bernie’s impact on Formula One auto racing.

Ecclestone, in case you were wondering, is the guy at the wheel of the open wheel series. In his three decades driving America’s second favorite motorsport, Bernie landed deals in excess of $23 billion.

According … READ MORE »

Is your company trying to decide what kind of social media policy to follow? You’re not alone.

As companies harness the power of social media, it’s important to have a policy in place to support and protect the integrity and reputation of the company.

So here are some tips to incorporate in your social media policy.

Build a team.

Having a team that handles your company’s social media strategy is important. It cannot be done by one person alone. With a proper team in place, … READ MORE »

For some brands, getting positive press is a unicorn – a mythical beast highly sought after but never actually acquired.

However positive press – more commonly referred to as earned media – is something which requires finesse… and the right PR firm.

It also requires some basic knowledge about how the media industry works, so that their buttons can be pressed with results delivered like they were picked out of a vending machine.

Here are 3 Proven Methods for acquiring earned media: Reach Out … READ MORE »

Knowing how to respond and doing so without hesitation are vital when dealing with a public relations crisis.

Here are some of the ways we suggest if faced with a media crisis: Take responsibility..

Remember that scene in the movies when Harrison Ford advises the President on how to deal with questions from the press. It went something like if they ask if he was a friend, you say he was a dear friend….if they call him a close friend, you say, lifelong friend. … READ MORE »