Podcasts Matter in Communication and as Part of a Marketing Mix
You know when books on tape became popular to commuters and travelers … still are for many. Well, podcasts allow a similar advantage to that. A podcast is all in the listening, you don’t have to worry about watching a screen or scrolling through a social media feed. It’s just about listening, so it offers something unique in your marketing mix. For our PR firm, we realize more and more podcasts matter. In early 2016, Edison Research published findings that of people 12 … READ MORE »
Blue Apron struggling to find its niche
In the beginning, it hit the market with great promise. The Blue Apron meal kit delivery service was lauded by urban professionals who didn’t have time to get out to the store, busy moms who had other priorities, and seniors who weren’t getting around as well as they used to. So, the interest was definitely there. Since then, though, things haven’t quite been so rosy. The company has struggled to get through multiple challenges in opening a new factory, and, subsequently, the IPO raised … READ MORE »
Lockheed investing in the future
Despite the recent order of more F-35s Lockheed Martin knows the days of fighter jets controlling the skies won’t last forever. The future of airborne war is increasingly trending toward unmanned aircraft. That means the venerated builder of the A-10, C-130, F-2, F-16, and Black Hawk helicopter, among others, is looking to make its mark in another field. Recent reports say Lockheed Martin is investing heavily in research and development to produce the next generation of satellite technology. In a release, L-M said it … READ MORE »
How to Optimize Your Desk for Maximum Efficiency and Performance
While it’s no secret that keeping your desk organized is important for maintaining your productivity, that’s not to say that it’s always easy to do. If you’re interesting in optimizing your desk’s layout though, then you’re in luck, because this guide is going to go over some of the best tips out there to help maximize your workflow’s efficiency. 1. Develop a Routine One of the easiest ways to reduce clutter around your desk is to develop a routine that you actually can stick … READ MORE »
Qualitative analysis is key to creating winning PR
If you have to choose between quality and quantity, always choose “both.” The idea that you should have one or the other … or, indeed, that you should choose one over the other … is bad policy all the way around. You need both. Your clients and your audience deserve both. If you’re not integrating qualitative research and analysis into your public relations campaigns, you are shortchanging yourself and your clients. So, what is qualitative analysis, and how is it different from quantitative … READ MORE »
Arby’s puts a smile on its Nihilist counterpart
Arby’s has struggled to gain ground in the cutthroat fast food game. McDonald’s is the big dog on the porch, but there are several others that all vie for the money of people who need cheap food fast. In most cases, Arby’s tended to be pretty far back in the leader pack, landing at 18 of the top 20 according to Business Insider, behind many but ahead of popular household names like Papa John’s and Jack in the Box. Arby’s had tried a lot to … READ MORE »
ronn torossian hospitality public relations
Even if you only have one location – restaurant, bar, hotel and the like, public relations should be part and parcel of every day. There are some things you should be doing to keep your business in the minds of customers – both current and potential ones. Customer Service Before you start worrying about anything else, make sure that every person who walks through the doors of your establishment feels at home. Good customer service builds brand loyalty, but great customer service lets … READ MORE »
improving public relation strategy ronn torossian
One of the key factors to PR success is a plan, otherwise you won’t know whether you are accomplishing your PR goals. Decide on What You Want to Highlight If you decide on more than one thing you want to bring attention to or show your expertise, you might want to focus on just one at a time. Your focus might also have to do with what you want to accomplish using PR. Is your goal to establish your expertise, … READ MORE »
Don’t be ordinary. Be outstanding. Here’s how.
Public Relations is, at least in part, about standing out. You want your customers – your fans – to like you more and feel better about you than they do your competition. Doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in, this holds true. You want their attention, their affirmation, and their understanding. And, when you mess up, or it appears as if you may have made a mistake, you want the empathy that brings you the benefit of the doubt.
Rxbar reverses trend using new look
Inc. Magazine recently named Rxbar a winner of its 2017 Design Award, meant to honor entrepreneurs who invoke great design to build their brands. Rxbar got the nod for package design, which, as it turns out, is a big shift for a company that had been getting lost in the sea of competitive protein bars.