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With few exceptions, successful PR campaigns aren’t the result of dumb luck. A PR effort that achieves its objectives is almost always the result of careful planning and savvy execution. If you take the time to lay the groundwork, the second part of the equation will be far easier. There are at least four major elements that form the foundation of a winning PR campaign.

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Clear-Cut Objectives

If you don’t know what you’d like to accomplish with your PR campaign, it’s going to be pretty difficult to hit any specific milestones. Before you do anything, come up with one or more concrete objectives that your campaign should achieve if all goes well. Consider factors like budget and time frame when you’re putting together a list of objectives to guide your strategy.

Audience Awareness

Knowing whose favor you’re trying to curry is one of the keys to a fruitful PR overture. Campaigns that are too broad tend to fizzle out since they’re trying to reach too many different target demographics. Campaigns that are too narrow in focus often deliver lousy ROI. Do some serious market research and figure out who you’re trying to influence before you begin.

Honesty and Transparency

Whether a PR campaign is meant to promote a business or deflect criticism, establishing trust and credibility should be a top priority. If you’re dishonest with your intended audience, it’s more than likely that they’ll find out about it sooner or later. Playing it fast and loose with the truth is a surefire way to see your campaign go down in flames.

Prudent Channel Selection

Nowadays, there are hundreds of ways to reach an audience thanks to the rise of the Internet. Everything from traditional press releases to social media contests can be used to move a PR campaign forward. Carefully selecting the appropriate message delivery methods for your PR campaign is the final piece of the puzzle. Fortunately, analytics and market research can show you what channels are most effective based on your target audience.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Establishing a solid foundation for a PR campaign before pulling the trigger is essential for several reasons. First off, a campaign without a clear vision is difficult to keep on track. Furthermore, it’s difficult to change horses midstream if you need to switch up your campaign’s focus. Once you have your blueprint worked out, stick to your itinerary and follow through.

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Where is the PR Industry Heading in 2015 - Ronn TorossianThese days, more and more business owners are realizing that attaining excellent PR services can help them take their companies to unprecedented levels of success. At the same time, many PR professionals and executives are realizing that they need to maintain a cutting edge perspective to ensure that they are offering their clients the most effective, expedient public relations services available.

As many PR experts know, the upcoming year should bring forth a plethora of new trends as well as established methodologies that public relations professionals will need to implement to stay on top. If you want to ensure that you know exactly where the PR industry is heading in 2015 so you can excel in this sector, consider the following three facts:

Content Is Still King.

Ever since web articles and blog posts became effective internet marketing tools, PR professionals have recognized an important truth: “Content Is King.” This old maxim references the fact that writing creative, compelling content that effectively advertises a brand’s products and services is likely the single most effective digital strategy that a PR firm can employ. And according to recent reports regarding which PR strategies will prove the most effective in 2015, content is still king. In a world where digital advertising has become increasingly competitive, PR professionals who are determined to get their clients’ names out there will have to work exceptionally hard at putting together innovative, identity-building content that stands out amidst a sea of other web articles and blog posts in the public domain.

Public Relations And Social Media Will Marry.

Numerous studies indicate that marketers are waking up to the fact that the worlds of public relations and social media are connected. Insomuch as public relations predicate their work on connecting with the public in meaningful ways, it makes sense that they would make use of engaging platforms such as social media to accomplish this objective. Since this is the case, public relations firms that are interested in making the most effective use of their resources should note that making social media advertising an integral component of the work they perform on behalf of clients is a good idea.

PR Firms That Help Mom Will Win.

Research indicates that mothers are gaining more economic power than ever. In fact, studies indicate that moms are now the primary source of income in almost half of homes with children. To capitalize on this fact, public relations professionals need to recognize that these mothers tend to be quite busy insomuch as they are juggling their work life and the domestic activity that takes place once they enter the home sphere. With that reality in mind, PR professionals should focus their marketing campaigns on providing mothers with goods and services that make their lives easier. Helping moms make the process of shopping, dining, sleeping, and exercising easier will enable PR firms to win their business and brand loyalty.

Summing It All Up

If you’re a PR rep who is serious about advancing your company’s interests in the year 2015, you should note that there are a plethora of new trends that should affect the shape and substance of your strategy for the upcoming year. By carefully considering the direction that the PR industry is heading next year, you can set your company up for a financially successful season. Good luck!

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Q3 2014 was not kind to BlackBerry, once again. The company expected a drop in quarter 3, but a larger than projected drop has stock prices falling and management searching for answers. Worse, the missed sales projections included a month in which the BlackBerry Passport, the company’s latest moon shot to regain market control, was released.

Part of the issue comes from an outdated model that doesn’t fly in the current smartphone marketplace. For some time now, BlackBerry has brought in funds by charging fees for things like system access and other services mostly considered “basic.” However, that model simply doesn’t work in the current marketplace. Newer BlackBerry models don’t come with that built-in revenue source, so the company has to make up that lost income somewhere. They’re trying to do that in hardware sales.

And while losing the system fees and other outdated surcharges will help BlackBerry drop the “so yesterday” stigma in the current consumer marketplace, it may be too little too late. In a head to head contest with top smartphone brands, BlackBerry barely registers. iPhone is the clear leader, with Android phones standing strong at number two. Everyone else is an also-ran.

That’s a tough position for BlackBerry, once the undisputed leader of the smartphone revolution. Unfortunately for the brand, it now stands as a modern day object lesson in what happens when your brand fails to keep up with market trends. Not too long ago the BlackBerry was a legitimate status symbol. Now it’s widely seen as an industry dinosaur. Unfair? Probably. The phone still has a tremendous up side. But the company has largely failed to compete. Mainly because it ignored and then misjudged the changing marketplace.

The only way back for BlackBerry is a new form of PR. They need to change in a big way. Clinging to past glory and refusing to try anything new might slow their decline, but they are already living on borrowed time. The brand must do more than rebound. They must re-energize and re-attract consumers in order to make a real play for market relevance.

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Ronn Torossian shares several key strategies – to help increase your brands value this Holiday Season.

The holidays are upon us, and everyone is thinking about ANYTHING but work. While those who actually succeed are hard at work trying to balance family, fun, and work, others are unknowingly preparing for a post New Years career slide they never manage to see coming. Don’t let this be you. Avoid the career pitfalls that come from making holiday mistakes. Instead, look to these career tips to advance yourself not in spite of – but because of – the festive season.

Get Stuff Done

Every fourth quarter something falls through the cracks. Then everyone just shrugs and blames Santa Claus. Instead of being one of those guys, look at ways you can be more efficient and creative. There is nothing quite as inspiring as beating your projections AND getting some good holiday fun in. You can be that person if you take the time to plan your work properly and look for ways to shine. Then … deliver.

Know What Suffers and Fix It

If you don’t work retail, chances are your business suffers in Q4. Avoid that end of the year letdown by looking at ways to avoid it. Instead of just accepting the status quo and becoming part of the problem, look for ways to advance a solution. Then bring other people in on the plan. Share the glory but keep the initiative. Your superiors, clients and coworkers will love you and your career will look nothing but up in Q1 of next year.

Take Part and Take Time

No one appreciates workaholics, particularly at the holidays. Some people think it raises their stock to Scrooge it out through December. Don’t be that guy. Instead, be the person who is so on their game they can embrace the holidays like Will Ferrell in Elf and still take the lead in getting things done. Don’t succumb to the largesse, but don’t eschew the frivolity. The keys here are ingenuity and balance. You are going to have to take time to figure this all out, but that investment will pay big dividends next year.

Work it at Parties

Everyone loves gossiping about the lampshade idiots at holiday parties. But everyone also remembers the people who make an awesome impression. Here are several ways to do exactly that. First, if your office does Secret Santa, skip the gift card and get something unique and interesting. Second, learn some jokes and fun, mostly tasteful (and relatively short) stories. You know all those conversation lulls that end up getting filled by some drunk sales guy? Head him off at the pass and steal the show with your oratory and conversation skills.

Sure, these aren’t foolproof steps. Alcohol and frivolity changes all the dynamics across the board, but employ these tips and you increase your chances to remain both gainfully and optimistically employed come January.

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Innovation can be a great way to get noticed and advance your career. But “new” for the sake of “new” may not bring you the success you are hoping for. Sometimes, innovation needs to be more subtle, more invested … more long-term. Check out the new electric Volkswagen Golf for inspiration on how to do it right.

The all-electric Golf is not necessarily new, but it is new to the American marketplace. Herein lies the first lesson. You may not have the most original idea in the world, but if you can take your idea and introduce it to a ready audience, then you may very well have a winner.

The Wright brothers get all the credit for flight, but what about the guys who took culture from props to jet engines? Theirs may not be household names, but these guys redefined what it means to travel, to fight and to reach for the stars. And there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Both aeronautics and rocketry are growth industries. Society at large may never learn the names of all the innovators who will make “The Future” our reality, but they will innovate nonetheless. They will succeed. They will fail. They will take risks and make changes and turn “new” into average. Then they will do it all over again. These people, too, are innovators. They may not be swinging for the fences during every at-bat, but Ted Williams and Wade Boggs are just as important to baseball as Babe Ruth. The same can be said of sequential innovators in every business.

Further, VW has a specific – and simple – goal. They need the attention of the American consumer in order to gain a foothold on market share in an incredibly competitive marketplace. Better still, VW understands there’s no need to get weird just to get attention. The electric Golf looks pretty much exactly like the gas-powered Golf. And it operates along similar parameters.

It may not stand out, but the Golf excels at the one thing that it does differently. It’s an electric car that doesn’t lose much in performance when compared to its gas-powered counterpart. In other words, it brings a very desirable benefit to the table without sacrificing much, if anything. So, instead of being defined by what it lacks, the Golf is defined for exactly what it can do for its buyers. PR doesn’t get much better than that.

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