Crypto Coin Companies Should Consider More Transparency
Almost everything could benefit from increased transparency. Politics, art, Hollywood … the list goes on and on, and crypto coin companies are no exception. In fact, they may need to focus on transparency over and above the normal need. That may be because of the origin of this concept with Bitcoin, and cybercurrency companies who should consider more transparency.
NFL and Jones at loggerheads over Commish
Roger Goodell is once again a source of controversy for the NFL. This time, though, it’s not fans or players versus the league. The aggravated party is one of the NFL’s most powerful and prominent owners, the Cowboys’ Jerry Jones.
Still chasing Amazon, Walmart sees online sales increase
This year, more than ever before, the retailer that wins the online sales war will likely have the edge going into next year. While most retailers take it for granted that Amazon will, once again, run away with the title, at least one big retailer is making a run at the online giant.
Uber struggling to maintain success in US market
Ride-sharing brand, Uber, appears resigned to continue to lose money in its home market, the United States. The losses have less to do with the string of PR crises that have plagued the company over the past few years, and more to do with stiff completion from major rival, Lyft.
At present, previous seasons of the Netflix megahit House of Cards, are still available for fans to stream. However, that may soon change. The streaming media juggernaut recently announced plans to cancel any further seasons of the hit program after the accusations of sexual misconduct against series star Kevin Spacey went public.
Ronn Torossian is the Founder and CEO of the New York based public relations firm 5WPR: one of the 20 largest PR Firms in the United States.
There’s no doubt the Big Mac is the most iconic menu item on the Golden Arches menu board, but if there’s a close second, especially among the legions of fans who can’t wait for it to appear each year, it’s the saucy McRib.
Women sue Uber for equal pay
When it comes to company crisis mode, it’s best not to stay there because of a variety of problems. Best to deal with a crisis and leave it far behind, but that’s hard to do if the company faces one problem after another. That seems to be where Uber is these days. The latest … three female engineers at Uber Technologies Inc. have filed a discrimination suit against the company for gender and race bias.
Is GE getting booted out of the DOW?
General Electric is not having a good year. The company has been down of late, with stocks falling and earnings reports landing even lower than many people expected. By the numbers GE has dropped more than 30 percent, making it number 30 with a bullet when compared to, um, 29 other companies that make up the DOW stock average.
Australia stops making cars
The automotive manufacturing industry Down Under is done. At least for now, Australia is finished with making cars at home. General Motors finished the last vehicle about a week ago at its Holden facility, ending what has been decades of moderately successful business.
Tommy Hilfiger line for disabled
When it comes to fashion lines, you don’t tend to see a lot of name brand designers coming out with special lines for disabled people. Tommy Hilfiger looks poised to change that.