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Expanding your reach in the hospitality business can mean one of two things. The first is adding locations and/or franchises. The second is very similar – reaching more customers, possibly through online sales. The principles to follow for both are similar. Here are some things to consider. Timing There are so many factors that need to be considered for success, but timing is one of the most important. When it comes to timing some of the things to consider include the … READ MORE »
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Like anything else, your desk should fit the needs of you and your job. But we have a few suggestions of things you could have at your desk to improve your productivity. Here are some of our ideas. Timer There are all kinds of them out there. You can get a basic kitchen timer in fun food shapes like a lemon or tomato usually for $10 or less. You can also get a very high-tech or even timer if you love gadgets. A … READ MORE »
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The filmmakers behind the recently released children’s movie, Peter Rabbit, had a pretty good weekend. The film was number two at the box office, just behind Fifty Shades Freed. Then, as it often does, the other shoe dropped.
Ronn Torossian - Staying Fit in the Office: How to Workout at your Desk
  If you work in an office or at a desk, you know that sometimes the days are long and likely there have been more than one or two days recently when you didn’t leave for lunch, maybe only getting up once or twice for the needed trips to the sandbox. Yep, you’re almost chained to that dang thing! Well, that doesn’t mean you have to turn into another lump beside your lumpy desk! Here are some ideas for keeping toned and tight … READ MORE »
Ronn Torossian - The Marketing Strategy behind the New York Knicks
  Defining a Winning Marketing Strategy NY Knicks Style In sports, often the winning marketing strategy is tied to a winning season. But the New York Knicks have not let the team’s lack of success on the courts impact their winning marketing efforts. Part of that is, of course, having a very loyal fan base, but keeping the fans when the team is going through tough times, means someone is doing a bang-up marketing effort too.
  It should not come as a surprise to any organization, charitable or otherwise, that a scandal about the leaders, especially how they have used funds inappropriately, can have a powerfully negative impact on the organization. If people feel their donations have been used by leaders or the organization in a way that doesn’t benefit the people or cause at the center of the charity, they’ll feel betrayed and yank their support out from under the organization without delay.
But never getting to the answer isn’t. Asking for help is also a sign of strength rather than weakness. Do you show that in your choices as a leader? Most people don’t want to ask for help or to admit that we don’t know the answer or how to do something. Interestingly, though, most of us also love being asked for help and to show the things we’ve learned during our life. When you recognize the truth of that last statement, you should allow … READ MORE »
Ronn Torossian- Do the Olympics have an “American” problem
The Winter Olympics kicked off in Pyeongchang this week, and there’s no doubt the world was watching… for a lot of different reasons. But, looking into the stands, there was a definite disparity. Relatively few Americans made the trip. Travel experts and other prognosticators are blaming high travel costs, few hotels, and, of course, the less than cordial relationship Washington DC has with North Korea. However, others are blaming the relative lack of “stuff to do” outside of attending Olympic events. Pyeongchang is not … READ MORE »
Ronn Torossian- NBC embarrassed by Super Blackout
Super Bowl. It’s generally considered the single most important TV-viewing night in the year. Tens of millions of people tune in, and everyone is talking about it for days or weeks after the “greatest event in American sports.” So, it stands to reason you want to put your best foot forward, that you hope everything goes off without a hitch. Beyond the standard back and forth about which commercials were the best and which were … not so great … there were a few … READ MORE »
People As a Capital Asset
As a leader, you get to work with people who have been chosen for the jobs they do at your organization. Seems simple enough, but for years, many bosses ignored their employees other than just making sure they got their job done within a reasonable time and done well. Lately, that perspective has changed. Leaders find that investing in their people can do a lot of good for the organization. That investment shouldn’t just be limited to what can be easily connected to the work … READ MORE »