public relations degree
Whether you’re a first year PR student, third year engineering whizz considering a career change, or recent graduate weighing your options, a career in public relations has appeal. While it certainly isn’t for the faint hearted- competition for jobs is fierce, and pitching to clients can be a battleground- building a life in the PR world means no two days will ever be the same. So, you’ve done some preliminary research, and wondering if you’ve planned your education all wrong. You might currently be … READ MORE »
hawaii public relations
  “What happened today was totally unacceptable,” Hawaiian Governor David Y. Ige relayed to a terrified- and outraged- state, “many in our community were deeply affected by this. I am sorry for that pain and confusion that anyone might have experienced.” 2018 was barely two weeks old, and the people of Hawaii had already spent 38 minutes of it hiding in terror, in cupboards, under beds, holding their children close. They had all been the recipients of an alert message sent by the Hawaii … READ MORE »
k pop public relations
South Korean pop culture has taken the world by storm, with the unrelenting wave of Korean exports earning itself its own colloquialism: Hallyu. From Netflix soap operas to skincare regimens, Hallyu has reached into living rooms on almost every continent on earth, on a larger scale than even Japanese brands managed to do in decades past. How, then, has this once-conservative Confucian culture exploded onto the scene at such incredible pace? The heart of Hallyu inarguably lies in the exploding popularity of Korean pop … READ MORE »
The past two years or so have been a rough road for ride-sharing company, Uber. From repeated PR gaffes that led to the dismissal of former CEO Travis Kalanick, to challenges from hard-charging competitors like Lyft, which has posted a series of PR wins recently, Uber has really needed a PR boost. Last year, London’s transport regulation agency revoked the company’s operational license, resulting in a hotly-contested court case. Though Uber eventually won, the headlines gave Uber opponents plenty of opportunity to speak their … READ MORE »
interview ronn torossian
Often, when people think about public relations, they think about major national media attention or scandals that throw once-trusted brands into chaos. But there are moments, even on the biggest of stages, that PR can get very personal. I’m not talking about being forced to answer embarrassing questions or being publicly “outed” in a humiliating way. I’m talking about the inherent tunneling that can happen during an interview, the connection between the interviewer and their subject that pushes out the world and can make … READ MORE »
digital public relations
As the media industry continues to shift, the world of Public Relations is moving as well. Digital communication, the nearly universal use of the Internet, and the fast-growing dedication to social media and podcasting as news consumption venues are combining to transform how we create and distribute messages and measure the impact of narratives. That’s not to say public relations as a whole is changing dramatically. The tools are different, but the principles are steadfast: people still want to communicate, and they still … READ MORE »
crowdsource communication
Messaging isn’t a one-time deal. Done properly, narratives are bolstered by a regular stream of positive and connective messages communicated through a variety of media, with input from a variety of sources in your organization. With that in mind, do you have a tool you use to collect and “bank” all the creative energy on your team? Anything that organizes, streamlines, and purposes all the content, graphics, messages, narratives, ideas, or processes? If you don’t have these tools and workflow processes in place you … READ MORE »
harvard public relations
It’s still so early in this year’s college term, the incoming freshman still don’t know their way around campus, but the communications teams at some of the most prominent colleges in the country have been hard at work for weeks, trying to put out PR fires and keep narratives from spinning out of control. At Ohio State, the universities vaunted football program begins the regular season without its superstar coach, Urban Meyer, who was suspended in the wake of allegations he did nothing about … READ MORE »
twitter ronn torossian
As the public and political pressure continues to mount on social media platforms to make it safer to surf online, the focus of much of the critique has shifted. Facebook, which spent most of last year and the first half of this year very publicly fighting to protect its brand from a flurry of accusations and scandalous headlines, seems to be starting to gain traction with consumers. Facebook continues to root out bad actors on the platform and very publicly announce their successes, including … READ MORE »
It’s not as good, but it’s still pretty good — that’s essentially the message being sent by MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe as he makes the rounds to try to put an end to a runaway train of negative publicity careening into his brand. After weeks of disastrous press and growing consumer discontent, MoviePass is working diligently to dig out of a deepening public relations hole. So far, those efforts are having mixed results. But fundamental economics have forced MoviePass into this situation. The company’s … READ MORE »
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