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restaurant loyalty program

Trends in Restaurant Loyalty Programs

Restaurants want to retain customers as that is a way to retain profitability. Happy customers will come back on their own. When guests sign...
Instagram Stories for Product Launches

Instagram Stories for Product and Event Launches

Companies that invest in social media marketing efforts understand the importance of relying on visual platforms such as Instagram, as that's one of the...
Straddling Art Commerce and Experience

Straddling Art, Commerce, and Experience Successfully

To straddle art, commerce, and experience successfully for marketing, companies need a creative strategy. Some brands can manage to walk the line between art,...
Importance of Product Names

Importance of Product Names

Giving names to solutions is not an easy thing to do, because most of the time, companies end up finding themselves in front of...
Target Audience

Companies and Audiences

When it comes to any type of promotional effort that a company decides to utilize, the most important thing is for the company to...
Social Media

Top Social Media Marketing Tools

Promoting a company on social media platforms these days is essential as companies want to achieve success. However, to do that, companies will have...
Great Brand Repositioning Strategies Example

Examples of Great Brand Repositioning Strategies

There have been plenty of companies that have managed to reposition their brands successfully and generate better results than maybe they even expected. That's...
ROI of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

ROI of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Between reaching target audiences at the right place and time, and connecting with them in a meaningful way, companies that invest in influencer marketing...



Pixar Chief Takes Leave Amid Allegations

Pixar Animation Studios is known for creating some of the most popular family movies of the past two decades. From “Cars” to “Toy Story” to “Monsters Inc.,” “Finding Nemo” and “The Incredibles,” […]

Why your company needs a public relations plan today

Does your company have a solid public relations plan in place? For that matter, do you have any kind of PR plan at all? […]

Secrets to my Success: 5WPR’s Ronn Torossian

As the founder, president, and CEO of 5WPR (one of the country’s largest independently-owned public relations firms), Ronn Torossian has positioned such notable brands as L’Oréal, Walgreens, and JetSmarter as integral […]