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digital strategy

Tweaking the Digital Strategy

With marketers gathering more and more data, the tsunami of information might tend to be overwhelming.  That’s certainly understandable. How to deal with and...
ai business

AI is the Answer

Contrary to what some people may have heard, robo advisors can actually improve relationships with clients if managed wisely.  Recent reports about how data...
persona marketing

Persona: Guide and History of Persona Marketing

Until 1983, when a software developer Alan Cooper pioneered the concept of customer persona, the word “persona” had been used in entertainment magazines to...
b2b marketing

What’s The #1 Priority Of B2b Marketers?

According to Content Marketing Institute’s recent research, it’s lead generation. A whopping 85% of respondents said so with only 41% reported feeling confident generating...
digital data

Will You Marry Me?

Engagement used to mean and still does mean a promise to marry.  But in today’s digital world, engagement has also taken on a new...
boomer crossing

Life In The Fast Lane

When the Eagles recorded the song, “Life in the Fast Lane,” back in 1976, boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) had lived through a...

Marketable Skills Job Applicants Should Focus On

The job market is competitive, and one big difference between the modern workplace and that of decades past is that the competition now comes...

Is Influencer Marketing In Trouble? How Murky Waters Could Signal Trouble Ahead

Influencer marketing, as perennially popular as it has been, has always been a bit of a mystery. Yes, the tactic obviously works well or...



Pixar Chief Takes Leave Amid Allegations

Pixar Animation Studios is known for creating some of the most popular family movies of the past two decades. From “Cars” to “Toy Story” to “Monsters Inc.,” “Finding Nemo” and “The Incredibles,” […]

Why your company needs a public relations plan today

Does your company have a solid public relations plan in place? For that matter, do you have any kind of PR plan at all? […]

Secrets to my Success: 5WPR’s Ronn Torossian

As the founder, president, and CEO of 5WPR (one of the country’s largest independently-owned public relations firms), Ronn Torossian has positioned such notable brands as L’Oréal, Walgreens, and JetSmarter as integral […]