Some PR tips from my book, For Immediate Release:

1.  Protect yourself. If you wouldn’t talk to the cops without a lawyer, why would you talk to the media without your PR representative? In a crisis, have a good crisis and media attorney and PR person at your disposal.

2. Make time for the little things that go a long way. Make an extra effort to do those little things: thank clients and customers for their devotion, thank employees for their hard work, and send birthday cards to journalists. They will return your kindness in the form of referrals, loyalty, and more positive stories.

3. Live an ethical, balanced life with honor, integrity, and laughter. This pays big dividends for your business and life and your PR.

4.  Old-fashioned networking never gets old. Put yourself personally and professionally at the center of networking, whether it’s forwarding an interesting and relevant news story to colleagues via e-mail, helping to organize a social gathering, and so on. When you assist a colleague in the industry, or a reporter with a story you aren’t involved in, it allows you to win long-term in PR.

5.  There’s always more to achieve. If you secure coverage in the USA Today, set your sights on The Wall Street Journal next time


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