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In a world flooded with ads and social chatter, brands often face great difficulty in finding their authenticity amidst the noise. Companies like Pepsi and Apple have spent millions in advertising dollars to create an authentic voice and recognizable brand for themselves. And that may be one way to go about it but spending millions of advertising dollars isn’t feasible for everyone.

Finding a brand voice starts with defining what the brand is and is not. And to clarify, companies can sometimes be composed of several smaller brands so defining what every subset the company consists of is important. A brand can be thought of as a summary of ideas into one simple thought – these ideas coming from people who have formed opinions about products being sold or services performed. Taking these opinions can better inform the brand voice and give a company the tools with which to express the image and positioning they want to project.

At its core, the brand voice is based off emotion – which can be difficult to develop and drill down as society is constantly changing. But it’s this brand voice that allows a brand to make an emotional connection with consumers and get them to top of individuals’ consideration sets. It cannot be forced and it cannot be fake – and it must be powerful; something that anyone from employees to loyal fans will rally around. Of course, that’s easier said than done but an important part of the business that will help brands find the authenticity they’re looking for.

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