While I am addicted to the old Blackberry, the brand is in a very bad place and today’s news that they consolidated their PR firm work won’t make their product any better – despite their $10 Million Budget.  This is a brand which needs a tremendous amount of buzz and a complete revolution in terms of how they approach success.

While Blackberry is imminently launching  their new Smartphone with a built-in keyboard in America, the Blackberry 10, one wonders if all the people at their public relations firm will indeed use the blackberry rather than an I-Phone.  It’s not an easy task for the agency to insist on.  Even their celebrity spokesperson Alicia Keys posted from her iPhone after being hired by Blackberry.

Indeed, I am a major fan of Blackberry as anyone who knows me can attest to. A point of discussion at so many meetings I attend is my old-school Blackberry 3300 which I am addicted to because of the roll on the right-hand side – there’s nothing better for email.  (I buy refurbished ones regularly on Ebay).

But for the company to get relevant again is going to take much more than just changing their PR firm.


Ronn Torossian

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