Starting a business and being an entrepreneur requires a lot of energy. They also require the realization that you’re embarked on a long path with both ups and downs. One thing to remember – which I have learned only recently – is that while you expand your imagination to how successful you wish to become, do not neglect the small achievements.

I’ve been running my company for nearly eight years now – been in the business of PR even longer. And still, I find myself celebrating every piece of progress that we make at 5WPR, and that I make personally as I walk the path of self-made people. But, people have a tendency to look and, unfortunately, find what is missing in their personal and business lives, and all of us have experienced this:

What else can be done that hasn’t yet been done?

Why don’t I have the client that I want? Why am I still not holding a large share in the markets I want?

All of these untapped and under-accomplished areas are valid thoughts under every business term, sales, or strategy. But, as a main focus, they’re counterproductive when it comes to “success” – simply because they stem from negativity. We tend to see where we haven’t yet reached or haven’t made our mark. How many times, though, have you looked at what you ARE successful in?

Throughout the years it took us tremendous effort to get to where we are now, and it was crucial to appreciate every single uphill step. You don’t always start your way with a major client or a major account. And, if you’re in PR, you certainly don’t always get a first hit on national TV. But, every single day you do celebrate your independence – your freedom to pursue opportunity wherever your mind, skills, and talent can take you.

Here are 3 ways to change… TODAY. Practice them persistently, a few times a day. You will see the difference as you begin attracting more of what you already have and more of what you want to have.

1. Focus on all that you have and be grateful for it. This is key. Only through gratitude can you attract more of the same. It’s a two-way street, though; if you focus on negativity and what you don’t have… guess what? – You get more of it. Instead, start seeing even little things – like your writing skills, communication skills and other talents you have – and opportunity will soon present itself, so you can apply these skills for work and fulfilling purposes.

2. See your goals as a positive opportunity. As simple as it may sound, its not a natural things to do. A meeting, or an ongoing series of meetings, can be a dreadful reminder of how far you still have to go to reach your business or life goals. Instead, see the opportunity in every goal, and expand it in your imagination.

3. Practice daily celebrations. It actually begins in the morning. For example, I like to head out early for a swim, bike ride, or run. I’m talking 5 AM, before the day even begins early. It allows me to reflect on my daily goals, think gratefully of my life, and realize the privilege of where I am in life.

Applying these techniques to your life will be a great beginning for new things to come, especially if you wish to change anything or improve your day-to-day experiences. In addition, celebrating the achievements can be done as follows:
Feedback: Congratulate or make a positive note to anyone around you that’s done something right. That includes yourself.
Sharing: Share a good accomplishment with someone who cares enough to be happy for you. This includes, family, friends, and colleagues. The more you express your happiness with a development, the more grateful you become, and the more attraction of the same you get…
Getting more: That’s your ultimate goal. In order to achieve it, you got to want it. Think about where you want to be in a day, month, year, or five years from now. The more you imagine yourself being there or obtaining your ideal wants, the faster it will materialize.

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