I remember when my daughter was born I said to my wife, “I already have a baby.” In shock, she turned hurt, until I immediately told her – “Don’t worry darling, its my business, 5WPR.” Of course, entrepreneurs feel that the business they founded, sweat and bleed for is like their baby. I say this writing from a “business center” in the South of France, on vacation, where people are on vacation, relaxing, but like many other entrepreneurs, the concern, care and passion for my business aren’t on vacation. An entrepreneur always is caring for and nurturing their business, much like a child.

Being away for the last week, in the beauty of the French Riveria has left me time to think about items which are often neglected day to day, but are vital. Entrepreneurs don’t realize how much in fact they are brands – To their employees (who often watch their every move), clients, competitors, and others. Any business owner’s personality and character are part and parcel of the company’s very fabric and being.

In the honor of July 4th, I’d like to offer four easy and applicable “independence” tips for you to apply this weekend. They wouldn’t take long, but can impact your business and reputation.

Who are you?

Understand the important role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) vis a vis your brand. ”Everyone is “Googled” often, and what comes up when someone does in fact google you ? (and the 1st few pages count a lot more than the last)… Tip #1: create your public Google profile. Google prompts you to do that once you type your name on their search. Include links to your website, social media accounts, blogs, or any other source of information about you

What are you up to?

Social media: you should, at the very least open a Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter account, for yourself and your business. Did you visit them lately to update your network? Twitter is like a pet: if you don’t feed it and give it attention – it dies. And it takes your social media presence with it. Once you have active social media accounts, they will influence google, and therefore you will contribute directly to your brands “google” reputation. This weekend make sure to go to your social media accounts and update them: are your links set in properly? Is your professional doings updated? Have you optimized your network by bringing in more friends, colleagues and business partners? Look up for potential clients and partners to your ventures.

What can you tell me?

The online arena has turned to be one huge social setting. People are there to share. I am certain you have a lot to share too. First and foremost – on yourself, your skills, your talents and strengths. State them clearly over your different online accounts. Sign up to forums that revolve around your business. One of the greatest goals you can set for yourself in this venture is for you to come up and be recognized as an expert in your field. In order to achieve that you must be active and share opinions, expertise and knowledge in professional forums, your own blog or two, and in the business and professional settings that are meant to meet this goal.

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