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Email marketing might be an old-fashioned marketing technique for most companies, but it’s in for an overhaul in the coming years thanks to disruptive technology like AI, the blockchain, and more. With solutions like artificial intelligence, learning from campaigns and optimizing email open rates doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or complex process. Instead, AI is finally filling the gap between the offline and online shopping experience by making it easier to personalize connections. Combine that with things like Blockchain … READ MORE »
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The desk is the central point of any workspace, and important part of productivity for most professionals. Whether it’s a small desk in a cubicle at a standard office, or a large desk within a private home office space, choosing the right furniture can be the key to transforming productivity in any workplace. Ultimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all method to choosing the best office desk, but there are things that any professional can do to make sure that they’re prepared … READ MORE »
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For people who like to be out and active in the marketing world, public relations might not seem like the most exciting career. There’s a common perception floating around that PR professionals spend their lives behind a desk, answering phone calls and responding to emergencies on social media. While it’s true that a lot of the PR experience can take place online, or from an office environment, there’s a lot more to it than most people think. PR is no ordinary desk … READ MORE »
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YouTube has been taking heat for “not doing enough” to stop or limit so-called conspiracy videos on its social media platform. While the Google-owned company says it’s trying to make some strides in this area, critics argue it isn’t enough. Some of the most common targets for criticism are the sort of conspiracy theory videos that promote junk science “theories” about a flat earth or “false flag” school shootings or “government chemtrails” poisoning people. These kinds of videos, even though they are routinely denounced … READ MORE »
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Often, great leadership is about finding the balance between pushing followers to achieve their goals and making sure that they don’t end up overwhelmed and burnt out. Managers are just like anyone else in the workforce when it comes to stress. Although they might be responsible for leading a team, they also have the pressures of performance metrics and expectations to live up to. While a lot of people assume that leadership can take some of the heat off a professional, the truth … READ MORE »
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Coca-Cola is already a well-known global brand. The soft drink company has promoted its line of soft drinks far and wide. Now, though, Coke is trying something a little bit different. Instead of a sugar and caffeine high, Coke is sharing a different kind of buzz… at least in Japan. The soft drink company says it plans to launch an alcoholic beverage in Japan later this year. The drink will, reportedly, be a form of flavored sparkling water mixed with shochu, a … READ MORE »
How to Make a Good PR Strategy Great: Promoting Your Hospitality Business
Every PR message, from any industry can be improved. If you want people to think positively about your restaurant, then you need to give them a reason to hold onto a positive opinion about you. Of course, achieving this is something that requires extraordinary tenacity and skill. Not only do you need to choose the right message to convey to your target audience, but you also need to portray it to the world in a language that suits your customers. If you’re concerned about … READ MORE »
What good is a chicken restaurant that doesn’t have any chicken? That’s the question many Brits were asking a few weeks back when certain KFC restaurants in the United Kingdom ran out of their signature entrée.
Yorkville Advisors – Wearing the Cape
  Okay, Yorkville Advisors LLC and its founder/CEO Mark Anthony Angelo don’t actually have the superhero cape, but when it comes to working with public equities and providing private investment funds … well, you could say it’s their super power.
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Expanding your reach in the hospitality business can mean one of two things. The first is adding locations and/or franchises. The second is very similar – reaching more customers, possibly through online sales. The principles to follow for both are similar. Here are some things to consider. Timing There are so many factors that need to be considered for success, but timing is one of the most important. When it comes to timing some of the things to consider include the … READ MORE »