Amazon sees a winner with streaming football
The future of streaming is now, and everyone is trying to figure out a way to cash in. One of the biggest movers and shakers in the market is Amazon. Bezos’ Prime service started out as discounted shipping and other perks for members, but it has grown into a major player in the streaming media marketplace.
Why are car sales down in Britain?
Great Britain has already begun to feel the results from the Brexit vote, both good and bad. One of the not so great results is that new car sales are down by about six percent in 2017 overall. That’s coming off a year in which the UK auto industry saw record sales. Who to blame for the down year is very clear, at least to Mike Hawes, CEO of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. He told CNN: “Obviously, consumer and business confidence … READ MORE »
Thomas is back and the Cavs are immediately better
The question is asked at the beginning of every NBA season in recent years: Will the Cleveland Cavaliers, the undeniable Beast of the East, ever have enough to get past the best in the West? It’s clear that LeBron James, superstar and once-in-a-generation player that he may be, cannot carry the team all by himself. He needs help … and he just hasn’t found it.
Is Gruden going back to the sideline?
The speculation has been running like an undercurrent to the entire NFL season: would Super Bowl-winning coach John Gruden return to the sideline for the 2018 season? There’s no doubt Gruden is the most desirable “not currently coaching” coach out there. The speculation that Gruden would leave his job with Monday Night Football began first in the city where Gruden won his championship. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers came into the 2017 season with high hopes. Featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks, the Bucs looked to … READ MORE »
2018 dubbed “Year of the Electric Car”
For some time now, many have been watching the automotive industry wondering when the tipping point would be. At what point would electric or hybrid vehicles transition from being a niche vehicle to something the “average car buyer” might consider. Some are saying, 2018 could be that year. That might be an overly optimistic viewpoint. Currently, electric cars only account for about 1.5 percent of all auto sales in the United States. But that could be changing very soon. The metrics that will push … READ MORE »
Amtrak to pay for derailing
The Amtrak rail company suffered a major, tragic PR crisis recently after a deadly train derailment in Washington State. A fast-moving passenger train jumped the tracks, with some cars landing in the woods and others landing on a busy interstate below the rail overpass. At least three people were killed, and dozens more were injured. After the accident, the interstate was closed for hours as wreckage was cleaned up and rescue crews attempted to help wounded people trapped in derailed cars. While the investigation … READ MORE »
3 major PR misfires in 2017
Some companies had an incredible 2017. Tesla, though they took some lumps, looked good time and again. Amazon, Ford, and Delta all saw good news go out to the masses. Other brands were not so lucky.
NBA using All-Star Game to build up ratings
The 2017-18 NBA season is well underway, and the league is still looking for ways to bring back the glory days when massive international stars turned professional basketball into a cash cow and even an agent of international relations. In those days, the NBA All-Star Game and its day-before draw, the Slam Dunk Contest, were must-see TV for countless basketball fans across the globe. Even people who may not follow all the teams and all the games tuned in to see larger than life … READ MORE »
When he was cast as the renegade Storm Trooper “Finn” in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, John Boyega was a relative stranger to movie fans. Now, as one of the next generation of Star Wars heroes, his “Finn” is playing alongside timeless characters like Han Solo and Luke Skywalker.
Nassar sentenced to 60 years
He spent most of his adult career treating the elite athletes of the US Olympic Gymnastics team, now it appears physician Larry Nassar will spend the rest of his life in prison. Nassar, who has been accused by several former US Olympic athletes of sexual abuse, was sentenced to 60 years in prison for being caught in possession of thousands of images of child pornography. And, according to a report in the Associated Press, that’s just the beginning of the reckoning Nassar is facing … READ MORE »