The Walking Dead at 100
The Walking Dead started as a long-running comic book. More grisly and darker than the capes and tights crowd, but fans still loved it. As more issues came out, more and more people jumped on the bandwagon, turning The Walking Dead into one of the biggest “mature” comics ever, right up there with Y The Last Man and The Sandman.
pr case study
When you create a PR campaign case study, you need to know some things in advance to make it work as it should. Some of it is really basic information that should have been researched for the product or organization long before any campaign is conceived, but just because it should have been done … doesn’t mean it was. So let’s start with the basics. Who do you want to reach with the campaign and why? Yes, that “why” is important. Before you … READ MORE »
Cassidy and Kimmel spare over health care
It’s not often senators and comedians go head to head in public debates, but things are changing. After late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel delivered a stinging rant about the Republican-designed health care bill, Senator Bill Cassidy went on a morning news show to fire back. During his monologue, Kimmel dropped names, particularly Cassidy’s, because the senator had been on Kimmel’s show to talk about the bill before. Kimmel said: “Last night… I took a senator from Louisiana, Bill Cassidy, to task for promising to … READ MORE »
Have you heard of cryptocurrency? Chances are you might not know that term, but you’ll recognize some form of what it is … the most commonly known is probably Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is a form of payment that can be easily used on the internet. Now there are several different types of the payments, and when they are introduced to world markets, they come out in the cryptocurrency version of a stock IPO … an ICO or initial coin offering. In a recent ICO, TenX … READ MORE »
NASA after Cassini
For nearly two decades, NASA scientists have been sharing the wonders of Cassini. The $3.26 billion space mission was launched in October 1997 with a mission to explore Saturn. That mission, according to the scientists monitoring Cassini’s travels, has been more than successful. In its final transmitted photos, Cassini measured the planet’s atmosphere, even as it made its final descent to crash land on Saturn. Now, 932 million miles from home, Cassini’s mission is done. Connection terminated…but mission accomplished. Media reports out of NASA’s … READ MORE »
NE Patriots
The NFL season began with a few big stories. Ezekiel Elliott will still serve his suspension; the season opener of the Bucs and Dolphins was moved to November as hurricane Irma bore down on Miami. Then there was the unwritten headline about the defending champs. How far into the season would the Patriots get without a loss? For the team that has racked up massive numbers of wins in the past decade, the question was not out of the ordinary. It seemed a … READ MORE »
Will your crisis plan be ready when it matters?
Do you have a crisis PR plan in place? Is your plan ready to get ahead of the bad news, grab the headlines and regain control of the message? Maybe you do … but here’s the most important question: “When was the last time you updated it?” An old plan may not be ready for prime time, and you don’t want to find that out when it matters. But reading and reviewing your plan isn’t enough to effectively determine if it will be … READ MORE »
5 ways to look right on TV
You made it. You’re on TV. Time to take full advantage of this opportunity. Don’t screw it up, because you may not live it down, and you may not get another chance anytime soon. To help you know what to do and, more importantly, what NOT to do, here are five ways to look right on television. 1 – Make it your top priority Okay, that invite is in your inbox. You are over the moon excited. But you also have … READ MORE »
Top tech PR disasters that still sting
  In recent years, tech industry PR has been on a roller coaster. From Facebook and Microsoft doing great things to the ongoing reputation for sexism and sexual harassment that has permeated Silicon Valley’s public relations, no matter what else the industry or region does to make our modern world better and easier. Here are a few examples of some of the most egregious recent PR disasters in the tech sector. Yahoo hacks off customers You never – ever – … READ MORE »
Wells Fargo goes from bad to worse
Wells Fargo bank may just win the worst PR of the year award for the announcement last year that many of its employees had set up huge numbers of fake accounts using the information of real customers. Now, though, it seems the company has followed that up by having to admit it may have accidentally closed or restricted real accounts as well. Customers who own these accounts reported not being able to access funds that rightly belonged to them, according to a report … READ MORE »