5 Alcohol Brands with Great Social Media

It’s not an easy job to do social media and booze brands – Finding that blend may be almost as difficult of finding the right blend to create a momentous alcohol. Here are five brands that seem to have found the right mix:

Crown Royal

This brand has found their best social media success on Facebook. They often take the time to feature fans with their favorite Crown Royal flavor of whiskey. Letting the fans tell the story is a not to your customers and gives others a chance to learn about what the brand offers without having to toot your own horn. They’ve turned this into an art while making sure the fan pictures they post come from those of legal drinking age. The brand is always willing and ready to respond to fan questions or concerns.


Kronenbourg beer uses video content to extol the fun of having a beer with people you enjoy and doing something fun. They don’t spend a lot of time pushing their brand at you in the videos. One of the top examples of this from Kronenbourg was their #LeBigSwim showing footballer, Eric Cantona, promising to swim the English Channel if only 10K people were willing to public declare that Kronenbourg is the supreme beer. Guess what, they had 2.5 million engagements from that campaign. Winning!

Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo does their best social media work on Twitter. The 140-character format just works well for this Tequila brand. They get in and say what they want to say – sounding authentic and natural. Last Spring they did a #WriteYourCinco event asking followers to Tweet historically inaccurate versions of Cinco de Mayo celebrations. The winner got a mural in Los Angeles showing their story. Comedian Luis Guzman read selected stories on a video they released. Great connections made and kept with customers.

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels replies to almost all comments made to them on Facebook, that builds a lot of customer trust and loyalty. But it also means your customers will often start to create content on your behalf, and we all know that a friendly recommendation goes so much farther than paid advertising.

Veuve Clicquot

Veuve Clicquot has Instagramming down as they display their Champaign alongside many of the other finer things life has to offer. Many even declare that their pictures are more art than photos. And they don’t keep it to just brunch and weddings or anniversaries. They show their bubbly in all kinds of situations – no need to deprive yourself of the wonders of life is their message, and they present it with style and glamour.

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