Public relations success comes in many forms and there are literally endless opportunities and approaches to achieve this success. But for every “best” way for you to attack a PR challenge, there are several wrong ways and all of them affect reputation. Just because something worked for someone else doesn’t mean it will be a winner for you. To understand the best methods for you to approach your market, you first need to understand how your strengths make you weak.

Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR, says leadership style and talent base should never be ignored when an entrepreneur decides to take his idea to the marketplace. Here are 5 different styles of business leadership and how you can use them to your advantage:

#1 – The idea guy

Ronn Torossian is head of 5W Public Relation

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You may have the best or most interesting ideas in the world. You enjoy birthing things but you just struggle with where to go from there. If that’s you, admit it, bring in the right help and get out of their way. This can be difficult, like giving away “your baby.” But if you want that baby to grow, you need to do it.


#2 – The micromanager

Forget for a moment that micromanagement inherently limits your growth potential. Let’s dig a little deeper and touch a nerve. That marketing idea you loved but everyone else thought was stupid? Did you ask them why? Don’t forget, your employees are often representative of your market. Don’t ignore their strengths…or subjugate their expertise to your whims. You know you will just change your mind anyway.

#3 – The content manager

In many ways, content managers are the opposite of “idea guys.” These folks have all the “finished product” in the world, but they need to connect with the right market. Idea guys are all about starting the process. Matching the two together with a strong PR campaign can lead to incredible success.

#4 – The Coach

If people are continually looking to you for encouragement or your co-workers or colleagues bring problems to you for advice, you probably fit the “coach” mold. For a coach, no matter how good your PR plan, trying to get something done on your own is impossible. You thrive when bringing the best out in people. So, if this is you, focus on building the right team, giving them a plan and letting them get the job done.

#5 – The Forecaster

Some people just have a “knack” for seeing where things are going. If this is your “style” then you need to focus your energies FIRST on team building and timelining. All new ideas and new market applications have a shelf life, and forecasters can be great at knowing these dynamics, but if your team can’t deliver, you will live a life of abject frustration.

The single dynamic you should see running through each of these leadership strengths is the need for the right team and the right timeline. If you think you can do it all, you are artificially limiting yourself and opening your business up to mirroring your own weaknesses. And, yes, you do have weaknesses. So, be real with yourself and shore up your weak points. Then get the team together and plan your market attack.


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