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There are several types of bloggers—those who do it to keep their families up-to-date and post photos of their children, those who blog because they have a particular interest in a subject or hobby and bloggers who deeply love a topic that they have become experts in that niche and have developed a significant following. As a result, certain leverage bloggers to test their product or service and share their thoughts with their followers. The blogger may be compensated, get the product or service for free or they may choose to receive no compensation. Typically, bloggers will disclose to their followers whichever the case may be.

Bonnie Hunter of “” is a prime example of a successful influencer for companies involved in the quilting industry.  Bonnie receives product from brands and lets other quilters know of this new and unique product.

Bonnie has developed such a substantial following that when she offers a cruise that she will be teaching classes about quilting, sewing machine manufacturers compete to supply the machines. When the cruises end, they sell the machines at discounted rates to any quilters from the cruise who are interested. Not only does this promote their product, but the machines are mentioned on Bonnie’s blog, talking about what can be done with the machines and other highlights. In addition, the quilters frequently mention their experiences and post pictures of projects on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube

When Bonnie mentions a new line of fabric or quilting books, social media posts immediately include people who are looking for that line of fabric or show what they made with the fabric line or their version of patterns from books.

Missouri Star Quilt Company markets themselves masterfully, as they also show products they sell.  Each week, Jenny Doan offers a wonderful video of faster ways to make quilts with precuts.  She then will also mention the line and manufacturer that is used make the quilt.

Jenny Doan is down to earth, makes mistakes in the video and willingly laughs at herself.  She comes across as a friend you know you can trust. Within hours of her video being released, the fabric Jenny used typically runs out of stock.

Even quilting can be a prime example of how a single blogger can become an influencer. They do it by presenting unique ideas, offering tips and helpful advice, teaching in out-of-the-box locations and connecting with retail and manufacturing companies to highlight their products. When bloggers connect with their audience by keeping their posts authentic and fun, then you’ve got an influencer. If their following matches your company’s target audience and your product or service is a good fit for their blog’s niche – find a way to leverage a blogger as a brand influencer.



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