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Ronn Torossian blogs on brand PR and insights on being a top 25 US public relations firm. As an author, and as a public relations guru, Ronn Torossian expresses upon life as a public relations entrepreneur, brand PR, and on being CEO of the public relations agency 5WPR.

Small business PR is not “simple” or “easy” just because you’re marketing a small business. In many ways, developing a brand presence and media connections for a small business is more complex...
If you want to maximize sales and get the most out of your marketing budget, you need to define your target market. By identifying who you are selling your products to, you can answer other important questions in...
If you ask a marketing professional what they want for Christmas, their number one wish would probably be that their content go viral. When content such as a photo, video or blog spreads very quickly and spontaneously, it can...