Looking for a delicious home-cooked meal that’s easy to make? Customers may be able to get everything they need from their local Chick-Fil-A – as long as they live in Atlanta. The fast-food company famous for its chicken in various forms is rolling out meal kits in its home city over August, following a similar business plan to organizations like HelloFresh and Blue Apron.

When customers pick up a mealtime kit from Chick-Fil-A, they’ll get all the ingredients required to make their favorite recipes at home. The difference between Chick-Fil-A’s meals and the ones clients get from Blue Apron is that they can pick what they need up from the fast-food store, rather than joining a subscription service.

The kits come at a price of around $15.89, and they’re only available in Atlanta stores for now, though there are some rumblings that the company wants to expand in the future. Already, the company is seeing a lot of interest from customers who would enjoy seeing the kits in other cities online. Customers can buy their first one in Atlanta on the 27th of August.

What to Expect from Chick-Fil-A Meal kits

There are currently various types of meal kit available, all of which include recipes that they might not expect from a typical Chick-Fil-A. Although the recipes are chicken-based, they’re also very high-class too – not just a remake of their standard fast food. Customers can choose from Chicken Parmesan, Chicken flatbreads, Chicken Enchiladas, Pan Roasted Chicken and Dijon Chicken. However, they can only get two meals at a time.

The team responsible for the Chick-Fil-A meal kits say that it’s been a long process finding the right selection of meals to bring to Fast food customers. For the food brand, these new kits serve up an opportunity to get involved with their customers diet on a deeper level. Instead of just being satisfied for one day after customers leave Chick-Fil-A they can have another meal plan in the bank too.

According to the principal program leader for new ventures at Chick-Fil-a, Michael Patrick, the first idea for the program emerged among the team around three years ago. While the brand considered the concept back then, they felt that the timing simply wasn’t right. However, now that people are more interested in getting fresh food and easy recipes into their diet, Chick-Fil-A meal kits are ready to thrive.

A Unique Fast Food Experience

Chick-Fil-A is the first fast-food company to experiment with meal kits in the world, which means that they’re in a great position to set themselves apart from the competition. It’s the perfect time to experiment with an idea like this because fresh ingredients and meal kits are growing increasingly popular in the modern world. Additionally, clients can order their meal kits with the same ease as ordering a fast-food meal.

As people continue to search for the perfect combination of fresh ingredients and convenience, Chik-Fil-A mealtime kits may be the ideal compromise.

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